Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jesus loves Sinner!

He walked on the street with those jeans like rope and stylish sandal. Everyone considered Him to be the Great Teacher, a Good man and as far as those who are with Him, none can say that He is a Sinful man. Yet, as I read the gospel, He is different... How come He always be the hero for the sinners?Talk with them, share food with them... and even touched them! Yuck!! (which during His time, the Religious leaders consider the sinners to be unclean). How come He's so slumber doing all this, when our culture from long ago until now had this kind of thinking,
"Good people must be with good people"
"Don't mix with bad@sinner, or else they will think you're also a sinner!"
"Mak I suruh I berkawan dengan orang-orang kaya je tau, macam Leman tu.. orang hina, penghisap dadah,tp... I suka... mak tak suruh, tak mau lah"


As today news, I heard people chit-chat here and there saying,"The woman who throw away their child shall die!""She should be jailed and punished!""She's the sinner of all time, if I was there... I'll kill her"

Yes, I agreed that she's a sinner (the same as I was and you were or is). But I bet she's also hurt and her mind is already in troubles, if not then why would she ever throw her baby? My point is this;She have her own reasons. In her state of mind, she's right. The same as when we said that 'we' are right also! In fact, crazy people think that the world is crazy! hi2...

Notice this, when Jesus heals a paralyzed man in Mark 2:1-12, He FIRST said this,
"My son, your sins a forgiven." (2:5)What does it tells us?
- This man is sick!
- He want to be heal!
- But yet, before physical healing, Jesus provides Spiritual healing!

I know that the baby is suffered, yet he died. Nothing we can do about it. But I want you, my reader to ponder on this... the mother is still alive, and I'm sure she's depressed. Maybe in the news or any place she would smile, but I'm sure she's in the very dark dark valley right now. Forgive her, pray for her and if any change you might meet her one day, tell her this words.

To her and all the sinners; to you and to me, we have to know this Ultimate Truth: JESUS LOVE SINNERS! He want you to experience His Love!
(P.s: He hates sins, not the sinners. Sound unreal? Try to read the Gospel of John for the beginner)
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