Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What happen when Bulb shine in Sunny day?

Ok, you read my posts all this while (on my Facebook, few years ago). Maybe it was the 1st or few time already. And if you finished read all that I posted, you'll easily summarize my purpose into this: to introduce you to Jesus Christ.(if you don't then it's obvious I didn't reach my goal)

Then, what if you see me someday in the crowd of all the 'bad' people, could be a group of gangster, laughting and telling jokes with a bunch of 'whore' or the worst you see me talking to a person who is well known for his or her bad reputations roten to the core?

The attitude that I observed about a decade ago is the believe system that we shouldn't be around with the sinners or else we become what they are. In some cases, we shouldn't be like them and easily influence by what they are doing. Yet my point is this: if we didn't talk or mix around with them how can we 'shine'?

One day, I saw one of my friend was talking with this stranger. The stranger looked like a criminal to me was like what Malaysian said 'muka pecah rumah'... After my friend finished talking to him, I came and with my proud plus sardistic attitude asked him,
"Why are you talking to him?"
It come to my amazement when he answered me with his 'cool' face and in humble and soft spoken words, he said, "nah..." That's it??? Not really.. he gave me a very famous bracelet...
WWJD or in long form- 'What Would Jesus Do?".

That was about 10 years ago, what he simply saying to me is to be like Jesus we have to answered this kind of question over and over again.

Maybe you may like I was and still is (now improving myself) like to judge people on our own point of view without asking or even to seek others motive for action. We shouldn't judge others just because we feel or thought something wrong about it.

Or maybe you and I are someone who are being accused for doing the right thing and people around us may not understand our motive. Someone may say that you're a sinner just because you want to share the love of Jesus to someone whom the society call 'the unholy' people or maybe you want to step another level of faith by preaching the Words to the most needed people and yet your boyfriend,girlfriend, mother, father, sister, brother, your family and friends don't understand and thought you're out of your mind and they give you a 'positive' advice: "just being a normal christian like the everyone else".

We shall break the rules of the world where people promote just being a moderate Christian! We shall break the society believe system, that keep on insist that "light" shall be with "light" only! We shall be passionate to 'Do your best to win full approval in God's sight' (2 Tim 2:15)! And we shall embrace what the Lord said 'light must shine before people'. (Matthew 5:16)!

'the purpose of light is to shine in the darkness'. That's what Tenaga Nasional and SESCO are trying to improve... hope so..
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