Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 8: Awake - It's time to grow up!!!

14 years ago, I was somewhere between my home and my classroom. I was still asking my mom for money. Need to buy this and that. I remembered saying this to my father, "Pa, I need money to buy textbooks, pencil case, and my bag is tearing apart... need a new one." That green short school pants... yes, that one... I remember the embarrassments where I have to wear those short and tight pants while all my friends using the up-date version of green long pants. Cool! My father was a construction worker. - working 12 hours per day, yet little that I bother the sacrifice of my parent. What I want is trend and styles not their ‘lecture’ on how their sweat and hours of working that I want to hear. My parent can't afford to buy toys or every need that I and my brother want to have, but they will try very hard to fulfill it. We don't care, we don't have mercy and we don't understand... we were kids.

As we are grown up, somehow we care and we understand now what our parent going through just to provide what we needs. But you see, some still in the old mind sets. Age increased but maturity retarded. It's time to grow up. Yes, it's time to grow up. Paul said, 'I have to feed you milk, not solid food, because you were not ready for it.' (2 Corinthians 3:2) How shame it would be for us when someone always takes that spoon and 'feed' us everyday.

Physically, its okay for disable people those with special needs or someone who are sick and children whom still too young to work for anything. But what could be the excuses for those who are fully and almost perfect physically to always... I mean always waiting for someone to 'feed' them. I see a healthy young men sitting begging on the street. I talked to average families (they called themselves poor, yet really poor people don't have shelter and wear quite well-dressed) making excuses (some are true, most are not) that the Government didn't help them. Especially Bumiputra, with all the resources we have and advantages we earn- we keep waiting for Government to 'feed' us. It's time to grow up. Work, take action and do as much as we can to not TOO depending on others.

Mentally, we need to grow. One of the great dangers of life is believing that you have arrived. If that happens to you, you're done growing. My friend when to my room and chuckle at me and said, 'Richard, don't need la to read all this books. You already work apa.' (* Malay-English) That's the kind of thinking when people stop learning after achieving some goal. Isn't that true? Have you met someone when they achieved certain position or status they stop learning and thus, what they said is forever the same. John C. Maxwell said, "I read daily to grow in my personal life. I listen daily to broaden my perspective. I think daily to apply what I learn." Buy those books! Buy those audio books! (Or you can download for free from iTune) Read the Scriptures! In all time, maintain an attitude of teach-ability.

Finally, this is important. Spiritually, we need to keep on growing. Again Paul said in Hebrew 5:14, 'Solid food is for the mature, who through practice are able to distinguish between good and evil.' How shame it would be after 10, 20, 30 years after receiving Christ never shown any indication of growth in spiritually… still the same. I was in this state before where almost nothing changes in my spiritual growth. My knowledge about the Word of God is never improved, my prayer life is zero, and my pursuit to Christ-likeness is never cross my mind even a second. This kind of people waiting for their pastor to 'feed' them- every Sunday 'holy' but the rest of the day back to normal life and go back to church again 'to recharge' and over and over again… 10, 20, 30 years. But I want remind you and myself to not believe in everything we read and hear without checking it first. Test it! To 'distinguish between good and evil', John McArthur said could only given to those who knew Jesus as Savior. The person who has come to Christ for spiritual completion is then trained by the Word to discern truth from error and holy behavior from unholy. It's time to grow up.

Together you and I; physically, mentally and spiritually- it's time to grow up! Best Blogger Tips

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