Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go out and Play: Do you remember?

"The great man is he that does not lose his child's-heart" - Mencius

Do you remember the time when you looked back at the old photo albums of your family or your childhood pictures? Do you remember? Your father's mustache like an old Hitler or Sarjan Hassan?Your mother's hippie hair style? (And we wonder where all the bees and flies)Those tight big bottom pant your brother wear, the tighter it was the macho they feel? Your sister's high sock? Okay, with stripe black and white? (Or black and pink?)Or how huge was your family phone Motorola? And its charger? Like what? 3-4 hours to achieved full bars?Your 'lover of my heart' sitting positions in class during class photo time?And is the 'X' sign permanently marked at your 'don't like' lists of people in school?

Okay, do you remember saying this when you recalled back those school pictures; "Where are they now?", "What a dumb face I was!", "Oh (name), I can't believe that she/he looks awesome today! I should be her/his couple last time... hmmm..." and the most classic quote that people always say is this:"I wish I can go back to the old day, and do this and that." I ask myself the same question too and perhaps you did. (Yap you did, don't you? If not in English maybe in your own language) Now, let’s go to our childhood activities... do you remember that every games have it own season? At one time we played kite during winter weather, fishing during rainy weather, football or futsal during dry sunny day. Do you remember the time when we play hide and seek with our cousins and next door kids at our old grandfather's house? (In my case we played inside forest not far from my parent house) Do you remember your 'deadly' sling shot??? Yeah! We sling birds, squirrels, our neighbor's chickens and even fish. Do you remember how creative we were (are), we can make weapons, games and enjoyed natures very much until we forget to went back home? With childhood friends we laugh together, we cry together, we hits by our mother together (even not at the same time) when we refused to buy kitchen items for them and we run, climb that rocky hills... do you remember?

At school, do you remember?Writing those love letters or hired someone to wrote for you, composed poets and poems and sprayed some 'perfume' to impress our loved one? Or if you never done the above, do you remember that you became their 'official' postman for your friends? When during chemistry class, you accidentally broke the equipment and hide it inside those cupboard or rubbish bin? Throwing paper plane to your poor fellow friends sitting in front when teacher wrote something on blackboard? Do you remember, when your teacher sent our report card, and we just want to find out if they really record our mark accurately? And the feeling when we need to give it to our parent to sign out? (At one time when my report was not good, I signed it on behalf of my father) Oh this is fun, do you remember right after we listened to that 'ting... ting... ting...' sound we rushed our way to go back, ignored our teacher in front of us? Before he said, "Baiklah kelas, untuk esok kerja rum...a...ah" We said, "Jumpa lagi Cikgu!" and off we go...

You probably have some sort of this childhood memories, some maybe or all the above... do you remember, isn't it was fun? I really need to add on to this one; my friends and I, when we were on our way to town we either cycling or walking along housing area, we would push the button on every houses in that area and run as fast as we can... It was fun... chasing by dogs of course... and I successfully plucked out the 'star' sign from someone's Mercedes Benz car and imagining that I can become Ultraman with it. It was fun.

Now that we are all grown up; some in college, some still looking for job and some had start to work and having family. Some of us very often using the word 'busy' 'I have no time' 'I need to achieve my goals' etc. we forget that time past by very fast. Yesterday we ask, "Mom, I want you to do this for me', today, 'what can I do for you mom?" and tomorrow it’s our time to ask, "Son, I can't do this no more". Do you remember your fun part of being a free and 'open to possibility' childhood memories? Ya? Isn't it fun? When is the last time you get out of the 'business' and play? Yes, just go out and play.

Anthony Robbins advised, "You've worked hard... take a day off to have some fun! Be spontaneous, be outrageous, do something that takes you outside yourself. What would create the most excitement for you?"
Don't be too serious sometime... play! Best Blogger Tips

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