Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 10: Let go - Dare to be no.2?

No.2: I have problems with this number. It doesn't sound right. Really, for me either I'll be the last (or not included in the lists at all) or the first are the only place I want to be. I want to be lead singer and not drummer (Done that!); I want to be on the spotlight, not sound system engineer; I want my name to appeared in notice board with bold and underline or if possible with some fancy color so that people may notice which one was mine, not with small font and italic; I want everyone to accept my way is the best of all, while theirs are just addition to choices etc. These are my example. Do you familiar with that? I can add hundred more example of what I want to highlight in this note- that we are all sometime somehow; -self-centered. John C. Maxwell writes:

If I like it, it's mine.
If I can take it away from you, it's mine.
If had it a while ago, it's mine.
If I say it is mine, it's mine.
If it looks like mine, it's mine.
If I saw it first, it's mine.
If you're having fun with it, it's definitely mine.
If you lay it down, it's mine.
If it is broken, it's YOURS.

It is hard to let go, yes, it's hard to ignore the question: "How about me?" Today, there's almost no reward for second place. Song by Abba, "The Winner takes it ALL" was composed base on real life story, yes, winner takes it all- the popularity, news coverage, people's attention, large sums of money and the worst of all could be our loved one’s heart. But give me your precious 5 minutes to show you the best sides of being 2nd most important person:

1) In reverse, you're the most important person.
Example, if lay and unknown citizens didn't voted for President Obama or YB Hannah Yeoh or our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in their election's day, these important persons cannot become what they are today. You could be an usher, parking enforcement worker, Sunday school teacher or cleaner in the church you're important! You could be a dishwasher (like my mother), telephone receptionist, store boy, normal staff, janitor, plumber etc; you are important, without you none of the 'big' person 'big'.

2) You can set your ego aside.
My girl friends said men are full of ego. I would like to justify that, let’s face it: We have our own ego regardless our gender. When you start to think that you're number one: You expect to be no.1, want to be treated like no.1 and with nose up high- you're no.1 (at least in our own though) - when the truth is reveal, which is: "No one is better than anyone" because as we experienced, there're always someone is better than us- we will burst to shame! Therefore, isn't it better to think ourselves as no.2?

3) So that the other person can be no.1
Years ago, people claimed that I'm the funniest guy they ever knew. Of course, I like to live with that. With this 'title' and confident I can wins people to myself easily. Whenever try-to-be-funny guy try to get my 'flock'- I would simply drive then away with my ultimate jokes jutsu. (Japanese word for technique) Then, I realized that what I did is not fair for other who also has talent with sense of humor. Now when ever I meet someone funny, I would like to laugh together and let them be the main character under the spotlight. What are you good at now? Will you let someone else to rise and shine? Can you take a step backward, and let the other one step closer?

4) When the time is right, God Himself will lift you Up.
When you take a step backward to let others one step forward, not just people will recognize your selflessness but that will draw the attentions heavenward. In His Time, He will lift you up! I said in His time because lets face it; don't we just want everything to be fulfilled in our own timing? My brother, Warren working at bottle factory, handling machines so that it can work properly and to make sure that the shape of the bottles is according to the standard. I observed that he never complaint of being the least in the company. I'm proud of him because he almost never compared himself with others and because of this he's the best in what he does. One Sunday morning my mom asking him, "Why you need to work on Sunday?” He replied, "Because my friend is having his emergency holiday" "Can anyone else doing it?” my mother curiously asking. "Nobody mom, only me and John (his friend) can handle the machine." After 3 years my brother was promoted as Store Keeper. Maybe for you it's not a big deal, but for me, his humble attitude not to compare himself with others who are better in positions gave me a life time lesson: Don't rush your way to be a number 1, rush your way to be the best in what you do NOW. Who knows, when the time is right, God Himself will lift you up.
Learn to be number 2, focus on others, let go of 'me' attitude, involve others in what you do, let people know you need them, give compliments freely, tell others that 'you can do it!' sincerely and keep your eyes off the mirror. Les Parrott said, "Success in life has everything to do with what you do for others". Now, do you dare to be No.2?
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