Monday, September 20, 2010

Story of a Broken Heart

[You got 3 missed calls], as I checked my phone right after I came back from playing Futsal that evening, probably between 6 - 7pm. During that time I stayed at the campus, I replied her calls by sms’ing her:
"Eh sorry, ku g main futsal tdi. Kak tok mok pergi makan d kantin."
(Sorry, I was playing fulsal just now. After this I'll be going to canteen.)

She replied back: "Bleh x ku jumpa ko klak. D taman kereta jam 8?"
(Can I meet you later at car park area at 8pm?)

I said: "Okay."

She was my best friend and she always share with me about her relationship with her boyfriend. Well maybe I'm not that handsome enough then, that her boyfriend don't even feel threaten whenever I'm with her. She having her time that night, pouring out how she felts about her boyfriend; about their fights, about how he always make her angry, about how he didn't returned her phone call and sms'ing her etc. And I'm having my time too during the conversation; I finished about 2 packs of Wise potato chips; tomato and onion flavor and 1 can of vanilla coke. (I was tempted to finished hers’ soya bean but couldn't.)

I don't remember clearly what she said that night (because my eyes focus on that soya bean), but I remember this; she asking me, "Richard, I don't see that this relationship can survive anymore. I want to break my relationship with him... I love him so much but I don't know how... I don't know what to do?"

That night was totally silent for 3 minutes.
You may think that I'm a wise person, so I take some time to process the info or you may assume that I was stunned that I don't know what to say... Wrong! Actually my mouth was full with foods that I need times to swallow it.

I broke the silent night, "You know B, I knew both of you for about 2 years... and I hope that both of you can be together, you guys are 'sweet' couple." She smiled. (And I was: "Did I just say that?!!!")

"But I have to tell you something..." (She don't like the word 'but', neither do I)
"What?" she asked.

"You're controlling him too much and you always nagging about how he… this and that. I know you love him, but there's a point when you need to compliment him, treat him like a friend not as your 'full-time' husband, at least not yet, (I smiled) and don't whining about the small things... late 5 minutes, didn't returned your sms within 10 minutes... bla.. bla... bla.."

She silent for a while… so I took this opportunity to drink that soya bean in her hand

"Anyway, he is a little bit slow too in this area... that's why we become good friend." I chuckled and finished her drink successfully.

She didn't denied that, so I continued, "I hope that you can consider to continue this relationship by becoming more understandable, not too control (I smiled again) and maybe... stop whining about the small things and start to look at the big picture."

She agreed. I added, "Oh, do you remember yesterday when you called him and he didn't answer you?"

"Yap, why? What he's doing? I know he don't care about me!!!"

"Oh, he left his phone in my room… He went to my room and sleep over."

Curiously, she asked, "Err... What he was doing at your room?"

I said, "He come to my room and asking me and my roommate to pray with him."
"Pray for what?"

"He said you were sick and the next day which is today you are having your test. So he wants to pray for you. He said a lot about you and how he really cares for you. I bet he said much more but I was sleepy."

She smiled and I can see her slowly cry out. It was a great awakening for her. Since that day, she seldom calling me for session of 'counseling' maybe because she manage to see the 'small things' in a different view, knowing the principle behind my feedback to "Never let the Situation mean more than the Relationship" which I adapts from John C. Maxwell's book. But I suspect that she may realize by then that I eat too much and broke her money down. Oh I love that Wise tomato flavor!

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  1. I read it over again... and over and over again... should I revise my language, grammar and all?
    Maybe I'll just let it be that way... Classic. :)

  2. Good piece from you.. this is my favourite among all.. you know me, i hate reading. but this one, hihi.. makes me smile.. and i've learned something about you(guy).

  3. very moving..i thought back bout my recent break-up..i wish my ex-bf cd see things like u..thanx 4 a good piece.keep it up:)

  4. Something that make me smile..happy for them...i just wish that my ex-bf can see things like u..understand the meaning of love & appreciate one relationship that was build for so long. How we went through ups & downs together..maybe all that is not even important for a man. I really wonder how man / boy sometime dont see how a woman / a girl really cares for them...sometimes girls are annoying but that means they care so much. when girls start to ignore is when a girl stop loving.


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