Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 12.Take Risks - The Hardest days are the Earliest

This week I want to ‘sell’ you on why you need to take risks so that you can get the rewards of it instead of stepping back in you comfort zone and do nothing! Before that, I won't promise you something that I didn't ever done before and never will I promise that you can get 'everything' you want especially in term of material success. But I will share with you on why taking risks is essential for us to stretch ourselves on becoming a person who we are created to be.

Who dare to take risks?
For someone who are willing to lose something 'small' to have something 'big' in life.

What is risk?
A dictionary definition of risk is "the possibility of suffering harm or loss". Example, for most people, AIDS has caused fear and prejudice toward volunteers/ workers and AIDS victims as well. Working with AIDS victims is criticized and condemned by those who do not understand or who do not want to understand the disease. Many people who volunteer to work with AIDS victims are condemned and ridiculed. These risk takers are the one who among many make the difference in the world today.

When to take risks?
When there are needs for worthy causes. Remember, for worthy causes. Be wise, taking a risk by jumping from top floor of KLCC to prove to Maria how much you love her is an act done by un-brain risk taker.

Why take risks?
Sheila Murray Bethel in her book, 'Making a Difference: 12 Qualities that make you a leader' wrote top three benefits:
·         Awareness - when you take risks, you may realize that you are not as good as you thought you were. On the other hand you might discover that you are better than you thought. The better you know yourself, the wiser you become.
·         Expanded knowledge - It can teach you valuable lessons. Even if the risk turns out badly, you will learn more about your willingness and ability to take risks. I like this; 'knowledge robs you of the luxury of ignorance.' You learn more from your defeats than from your victories.
·         Increased excitement - Making contribution, receiving recognitions, and growing are the kinds of excitement that are the prime benefits of risk taking.

But here are the most important why we need to take risks; once we are willing to take risks for worthy cause we open our heart and willingness for God to use us as channel to bless others and to do His Will in our life. The greatest risk men ever take is to surrender his life into God's care. Surrender is tough at the start, especially if 'you are selfish kind of person, a little spoiled, a little pampered, a little overly indulged' said Charles R. Swindoll. Take risks for this kind of surrender is not for the pampered!

How to take risks then?
Good question. Once you 'buy' to the idea of taking risk, you will automatically know how to take risks. After all, my friend, nobody teach me how to lie or steal at the first place, once I decided to do it, I just knew how to lie and steal. Famous saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Help me to answer this final question please; Are you willing to take risks for worthy causes, even you may be criticized, look foolish and stupid at first time (or worst, for the rest of your life. ex, become a missionary instead of having a normal life)?
"Take risks for worthy cause in your study, business, ministry, relationship etc. The greater the risks, the greater the struggle, the greater experience, the greater surprise! The hardest days are the earliest." - RR

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  1. I am willing to take risks in my life but when a thought of 'minimize the risk' came across in my mind, should i reconsider my will?

  2. willing to take a risk, it start when we willing to take an action..come let we our part.. God Bless everyone...

  3. The reason we should take a risk is to exposed ourselves to the possibility that may benifits us (and others) in somewhere or another. The purpose is to try, step out, and willing to pay the 'price' to enjoy the outcome which will coming later. Whatever the result maybe, you'll learn more during the process which result: growth. That's awesome! :)
    Minimize the risk is a wiseful act. But to do the 'short cut' to gain success is unwise. At least for my opinion.
    Take a small steps one at the time.


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