Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aku Sebuah Buku

[Friday, October 1, 2010 at 11:26am]
I was born somewhere in the factory which I'm not sure where. I'm the best-seller book in the world, translated in many languages and almost every person like my owner in the city owns 'us'. I'm not sure what kind of persons they are but they seems to be normal, but some are cheerful especially my 14 years old owner. The day she saw me first time at MPH Bookstore, I was so shy... because unlike many 'books' surround me, I was medium in size and slim. She passed me by that day… hmm… I was so sad

The next day early in the morning, she came again but now she was with her mother. She said to her mother, "Mommy, I want this book, all my friends have this kind of book but I don't have any... please." Her mother was so quick to respond saying, 'Okay, whatever you wish honey.' Instantly, she took me up and brings me to the counter. In-case you might wonder, why she took the medium and slim size book like me... I'm the only leather covered book that was left.

For the first time, I had the feeling of belonging. I have a master and she loves me very much! She wrapped me with colorful plastic cover and wrote her name with fanciful metallic pen. She read me everyday before she went for sleep. Every weekend, she always brings me out with her. At first it was so dark but after she pulled me out from her bag, I saw many people surround her. They were hundreds of people. I can see that everyone was holding my fellow 'friends' but some are manufactured in difference size and color. They sing very loud. They shake hands a lot… even with strangers. Sometime they read my 'friends' very loud and with enthusiasm.

I was so happy when my owner colored me, wrote some notes about me, studied me, quoted my 'contents' and share it with her friends. I'm so proud! My pride is almost reached to its limit when she said to her friends that my 'contents' changed her life. I'm so proud! Very proud!

...but that was 4 years ago.

Now she's 18 years old. She's so busy with her life that she can't spend her time with me any longer. Now I'm looking at her from distance. I'm no longer her best friend. She didn't read me. She didn't clean me. I'm so dusty and look older than before. When I see her, she seems to be very busy... Early in the morning she would gets out from her room. When she returns home, she would quickly either chat with her friends or watch television until mid-night. There are times when I see her having a free time during school holiday she would spends her days with some 'weird' black slim box. I’m envy them… really… all I want it to be read.

I'm cold and lonely. Other books had piled up under me. I'm all in dark place and I can't even see her anymore. How I wish she would read me again... because once she said her life had been changed by my 'contents'. How I wish she read me again... How I wish…


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