Wednesday, October 6, 2010

You are Beautiful!

One day I wake up, I saw the ugliest man in the world! His hair 'bloom' like a bread baked with extra yeast (equivalent to Macy Gray or Alleycat), his eyes is big like an alien from other space (from Rosewell town), he is short, unwanted belly around his waist and a big nose like Jackie Chan. What was weird that day is that whenever I raise my hand, the image seems to follow what I did.  Whatever I did, the image doing exactly the same thing, so I did a final experiment before I make a conclusion; I did 'The Rock' famous eyebrow trademark! The image did the same... so it was confirmed: the ugly man was/is ME!

So the next day I cut my hair short. Then, after Sunday Service at Church someone approached me,
"Why did you cut your hair?" "I don't like my hair..." "What? I love your curly hair you know, it's unique."
I don't know what got into her, she has to be blind. But when I passed by a hair saloon next to the Church, I realized that there was a service to curl your hair! And it worth RM25! There're people out there are willing to pay hair dresser to curl their hair but I didn't pay anything for God to creates my hair curl!

Men laugh at my big eyes, but ladies think it is cute. I'm glad because I can make people laugh and my eyes are admirable. I'm short physically, but Jesus never looked down on me like people do. Even when He saw Zacchaeus ‘a short/little man' when he climbed a tree, The Scriptures said ''He (Jesus) looked up' and talked with him. (Luke 19:3-5) [In this context, #1 He looked up because Zacchaeus was on top of the tree, #2 He noticed Zacchaeus even people labeled him as the chief 'sinner' and everyone looked down on him]

About my excessive fat around my waist, it can be 'fix', I can choose to exercise etc. Because when you eat too much and not exercise (unless due to certain diseases), you choose to be fat! It's a choice. Regarding on my big nose, I just realized that it's normal. When I saw how ugly myself that day, I just keep on looking for my negative appearances. But when I see myself in a different view which is more positive, suddenly some of my ''flaws' appearance seems so small.

If I said, "All you have to do is think positive and everything will be alright'', don't believe me. It's not Biblical at all. Don't lie to yourself or deny the facts, face it! First recognize that you're 'ugly'- Inside and outside. When you realized for example; you're fat then exercise and control your diet. There're things that can be done without expecting 'extravaganza' miracle, just do something about it. But there're things that we cannot change and out of our control, appreciate it, knowing that the God Almighty is the One who created

Don't cling to the standard of the world demand from you or what it wants you to be, fix your standard with God's standards. Psalm 139:13-14 writes,
''For you created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.''

Zondervan NIV Study Bible comments 'You yourself put me together in the womb and ordained the span of my life before I was born. You know me so thoroughly because you made me.' From now on, when you looked at yourself and realized how 'ugly' you are, turn the pages of the Scriptures and read what He got to say about you. He knows you best because He's the one who made you. It might be 'hurt' in the beginning, but in the end you'll be glad to know that:

Jesus loves you... 'Not because of who you are (‘ugly’) but because of what He done (created us), not because of what you done (beautify ourselves) but because of who He is (Beautiful)' - Angelus

You're beautiful! And so does everyone else.
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  1. hey. If you just look at one part of yourself and the part of your body/face is imperfect you may began to think how ugly am I!

    But if you look at your parts of body as a BIG PACKAGE, then you are handsome! :D one part of your body/face may not make you handsome but the whole package well God had indeed done a great job! :D


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