Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ask, ask, ask... Why on earth am I here for?

           Baby is the most beautiful creation that God ever assign for men to be responsible for. More than that, baby is a gift. A precious gift that none of the precious jewels in the world could ever compare. Am I right?

            When we see a baby, oh, what a peace they can bring to us. All the stress in the world, the rush and fast pace of life suddenly stop for a moment when we look at their innocent eyes. Even my hot-tempered uncle can become a saint when he holds his one and only child. Hours of labor pain seems nothing compare to years of our life spent with our parent. From the 'lost' memories when we were 1 - 3 years old to whatever age we're now, we just can't measure their love toward us. How bless are we to be alive, am I right?

For some, my valuable readers, their childhood story seems to be differs from the 'lucky' one. As far as they understand- their parent is not as lovely as some maybe and had been disappointed by their imperfect parents. Let us consider these questions: Why me in this family, community and this part of the world? What on earth am I here for?

            On December 30, 2009, security manager V. Puvanesingam, 42, received a call from one of his officers on the evening somewhere around 2.15pm from Jabil factory's production line in the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone (FIZ). The report was regarding about a sewage pipe in one of the female toilets at the production line was clogged. As the reporter from the Star newspaper, K. Kasturi Dewi writes, "He said he went behind the toilet where all the pipes were and upon shining torchlight into the pipe which was exposed, he saw a baby's leg." Hasmah Ibrahim, 35, witness testified in baby murder case said, "I was in there (toilet) for about 2 minutes when suddenly I heard the cry of a baby once, followed by the sound of water flushing."

            As I read the article, another question arises; Why God lets this happen to this poor baby? This is my answer, honestly... I don't know. But I'm sure, very sure that He is God of Justice. For people who flush their baby out in the toilet bowl, let God alone dealing with her, we know a little about the history of this case and please don't judge her before the case is over.

            Questions started to flood my mind as I ponder upon this inhuman action. How could this baby born in such a short period of time? Can you imagine what can this baby become if he/she ever have a change to grow up as a normal kid, he/she could be a Prime Minister, a top athletes, a great missionary, the best cleaner in the world, a very helpful person, a lovely parents etc. Why he/she don't ever have a change to live his/her life?

            These are good questions, but for me it is not so important. I rather ask; why I'm still alive now? What I want to do with the life that I have now? Since God have given me a change to live this life, how are the best ways for me to do it?

            Now, let’s come back to the questions above... Why me in this family, community and this part of the world? What on earth am I here for? Isn't that a great question to ask from God? Jesus said, "Ask, and it will be given to you." (Matthew 7:7) Ask! Get the 1st hand faith. Ask God for help, ask to find the Truth, ask for answers... He will give it to you! For me 3 of the greatest questions we could ever ask is this:
  • If You are REAL, O God, please tell me Who are You?
  • How can I be saved?
  • What on earth am I here for?
 We were a baby and we have survived up until now. As alive as we are today, without a purpose in life we're nothing more than a dead men. Ask questions to Heaven, get a first hand answer. Be sure... Ask.  Best Blogger Tips

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