Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 19: Problem... Asset or Liability?

Do you have a problem? Or do you have problems? 

I have good news that I need to share with you- we all have problem!

I read this somewhere, 'He who have no problem had never live'. For some people, problem is so common to them, that when they actually rested or relax suddenly a thought coming in, 'Why no problem? I got to find it, It is somewhere nearby!’ Someone said to me, 'do you know what your problem is?’ I shake my head indicating the answer- I don't know. He told me, 'that’s your problem!’

The other extreme would be some people just never realize that they have problems. Famous saying would be, 'See, all this mess is cause by you! You! You!' (Leaders who always blame their followers for every mistake, not realizing that 'what people do is what people see'), 'I wonder what's wrong with them' (All the problem in the world is cause by others but them) and 'Yuck, this Char Kway Teow taste funny. Hey, tauke you don't know how to cook ka?!' (When tauke came and check the meal, he find out that this customer is using recycle chopstick! Big deal.)

Problem come in all sort of types; personal problems, family and friends relationship, works, studies, financial etc. Some causes by ourselves but some just came without inviting- suddenly in the midst of your 'happy moment'. No matter how big or small is your problem could be, it is important to put it in a right perspective.
  • Problems are everywhere and everyone has it.
  • The way we look at the problem determines our failure or win over it.
  • Realize that people are more important than problem.
  • Respond to the problem correctly so that you can move forward.

The most common ways to handling problems is by;
  • Define what a real problem is. 'A problem is something you can do something about.'
  • Face the problem. Get helps if possible and don't try to avoid it because it may return again bringing out 'more' troubles.
  • Embrace each problem as a potential opportunity. 'Problems are wake-up calls for creativity'. (Quote from John C. Maxwell)
  • Think of people who have bigger problems. Always remember that, someone out there is facing much bigger problem than yours. (Have you read news lately?)

Dale Carnegie in his book, How to stop Worrying and Start Living, suggested:
When you, or any of your associates, are tempted to worry about a problem, write out and answer the following questions;
a. What is the problem?
b. What is the cause of the problem?
c. What are all the best solutions?
d. What is the best solution?

When you are on the point of giving up and on the point of admitting failure, analyze the problem first. Some are not worth worry for and some you have to face it, no other way. 'A problem is something you can do something about.'

Simplify the problem could make it worst, but try to make the problem as simple as it can be. God bless you.
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