Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 24: Focus - on What is Important

"Seeing water as closer when you're thirsty might make it a little more likely you'll try to go get it." (Emily Balcetis)
People see desirable objects as physically closer than less desirable ones, according to a study in the January issue of Psychological Science. (I can get this magazine for RM9.90 at AmCorp Mall, Petaling Jaya). When psychologists Emily Balcetis of New York University and David Dunning of Cornell University asked people to estimate how far away a bottle of water was, those who were thirsty guessed it was closer than non-thirsty people did even thought the distance was the same.

            Focus is amazing. Focus changes your perception. Usually, how you feel about things, and the meaning of a particular experience, is all dependent upon your focus. Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within gives the illustration well, 'Suppose you went to a party with your camera, and you sat in one corner, focused on a group of people who were arguing. How would that party be represented? It would be pictured as unpleasant, frustrating party where no one had a good time and everyone is fighting... But what if you focus on another... where people were laughing and telling jokes and having a great time? It would be shown to have been the best party of all.' [I may not agree with everything he said in this book.]

            There was one time after a seminar someone came to me, a girl, so I asked, 'what do you learned from this?’ She replied without blinking her eyes said, 'I don't know. I just looked at your handsome face all day long~'. Just kidding! But isn't it true? For example in relationship, when your partner trying to explain on how he/she feel about the relationship, you may focus on self. 'He doesn’t want to listen to me.' 'He hurts me'. 'How about me?' Me! Me! Me! In the end, it doesn't matter how others feel anymore- it's all about you. This is when the famous whining ever quote, 'I don't get it! I've done everything and still he/she left me!'

            Another example of misapplication of focus is this; focus on what God can do for me instead of how He wants to use me as His Servant. This normally happen during prayer. We often (I'm included) pray, 'Dear God... I want you to do this and that... I don't want this.... err... I want it to be like this... and God... do it now.... Amen.' When our focus is limited toward ‘me’, even God can be our servant.

  Have a focus life. Eliminate focusing your energy on yourself all the time, worries, and unnecessary things. Try to minimize what you focus on; doing too many things always keeps you from doing your best. John L. Mason said, 'Being a disciple of Christ requires focus. When you walk in focus, you'll become passionate about your dream; you'll find it expressed everywhere- you can almost smell it.' "So what should I focus on?” you may ask.
I will answer, 'Focus on what is important. What is it? It's up for you to decide.'

            When a Samaritan village refuses to receive Jesus, He went to another village. Along the way, He said to would-be-followers, 'Follow me.' But that man said, 'Sir, first let me go back and bury my father.' Another man said, 'I will follow you, sir; but first let me go and say good-bye to my family.' Jesus said to him, 'Anyone who starts to plow and then keeps looking back is of no use for the Kingdom of God.' So much for a motivation, huh? But that's the way it should be, as a genuine Christian- focus on Jesus and never looking back.

Am I dedicated to removing distractions and what doesn't matter so that I can concentrate with clarity on the real issue?
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