Friday, January 28, 2011

Part 1: Message before Valentine's Day - Sex is sacred!

Before writing this post, I Google up some facts about Valentine; here is my finding. Top 10 Surprising Facts about Valentine’s Day  
  1. Women spend half as much as men
  2. Condom sales are highest on Valentine’s Day 
  3. March and pregnancy tests go Hand-in-Hand 
  4. Florists make a killing (by increasing the price) around Valentine’s Day. 
  5. Millions purchase Valentines for their pets (especially for single people) 
  6. Women don’t need men on Valentine’s Day (???) 
  7. Romance is only a tiny part of valentine’s Day 
  8. Women prefer cards to flowers 
  9. Flowers are a man’s best friend 
  10. In Japan, men receive more Valentines
 When I was young and dangerous, I never heard about the seventh commandment: ‘You shall not commit adultery’. 1st I hate English, 2nd I don’t read Bible and 3rd what it has to do with me? But as I’m growing into maturity, despite many mistakes in life, I’ve learned that sex is sacred.

Dr. James I. Packer, in his book I want to be Christian, reminds us that sex is for marriage and for marriage only and marriage must be seen as a relationship of lifelong fidelity. Some misuse of sex (cheap sex) he said is due to longing for short-term excitement, for relief from mental and physical tension, or loneliness or boredom, etc. Today, our society is been bombarded by some irresponsible people who inject negative influences from media to stimulate our minds with unhealthy images such as pornography, etc.

The fact that ‘Condom sales are highest on Valentine’s Day’ (25% higher) and ‘March and pregnancy tests go Hand-in-Hand’ is on the list above shows that there are people out there who misinterpret that Valentine's Day = Sex’s Day.

As for young men and women out there (no more boys and girls) let us remember that there is an increasing rate of sex outside marriage, baby dumping, sexual abuse and prostitute globally. Even here in Malaysia, cases for such a crime due to ‘mistake’ are shamefully destroyed our society. Never such cases happen so drastically like this before. Let’s keep sex as a sacred matter. Just like what Peter Paris quote in his blog sesamamu, ‘Cinta sejati setia menunggu' Indeed, TRUE LOVE WAITS.  
Can you wait? 
"Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate, and my future children to a lifetime of purity including sexual abstinence from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship." (
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  1. i agree on this .
    let me get ur opinion, if ur future wife confessed dat she has fall into sex before marriage in her past life. how r u goin to react?

  2. I don't know, for that I'll worry later. Remember prophet Hosea? He is told to marry a woman, a prostitute, Gomer. How Hosea reacts? He remain faithful to his wife. (chapter 3)

    Come to think about it, wasn't it wonderful when your wife being honest to you?

    I believe that you're a man... and perhap a Christian, Jesus said "But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart." (Matthew 5:28)

    I'm guilty of that, how about you? Now that we all equal, how can not forgive her.

  3. owh dats a very straight forward reply .. thanks.

    about honesty, when a man being honest about he likes other lady while he is having a gf .. is dat honest enough?

    im being honest with my gf about im liking another lady altho ive not done anything yet, just started flirting in the text..i know it was my fault. at first , she was furious, when i explained to her how im curious about the people keep flirting around while i keep being in relationship, she started to understand . she was a flirty person too before, maybe dats y she understand. the best part she has changed being flirtious into good gf as i entered her life .... its just me is complicating situation now.

    we have discussed, we r putting on hold about our relationship. she said she is giving me chance to go tru my curiosity but she promised she will wait till she is tired... the things now, she has changed in a week, she is no more putting her concern on me, she is just acting confused

  4. Anonymous, when I read my previous replied- I regret for not saying 'Thank you for your comment'.So Anonymous, thank you for your replied.

    What really happen? Why you started to like other girl? (Not in angry tone but out of curiosity)

    If she said she wait for you, would that be a good sign that she really love you? (unless you didn't, than don't keep her waiting)

    Are you in repenting mode now and want to get back to her? If yes, I think that you're not confuse but indecision.

    Anyway, I respect you that you're willing to be honest with her, but I hope that you did it because you value your relationship :)

  5. you are welcome richard .

    i started to like other girl when i just figured out im not ready for any serious relationship. i wanted to feel free from not getting any concern from my gf. i know i may sound rude here.dats just what i felt when i started to flirt.

    before im dating my current gf, i used to be in a long term relationship, 5 years, high school love. as im traveling to another country for furthering my study, i fall quite few time. i promised to my ex gf dat i will never leave her unless when she is ready to leave me becoz i know she has been forgiving me for my mistakes.
    i never tot i wud meet any other girl as good and as sweet as she is untill i meet my current gf.

    she was in my class for 2 years plus but she never noticed my presence. she is kinda d hottest and wanted girl in college. as i informed before, she was kinda wild too. before entering to our final year, we started to talk because i came to her house one evening to send food to her housemate which happened to be her best friend.

    we started with casual mindset. she knows i have a gf, i know she has a bf. as time flies, without realizing, we have feeling on each other.we decided not to bring it forth. we would be together only until final exam. seriously, we had time of our life. she left her bf not because of me but she decided to changed not to be wild anymore. she is well-informed, she is going to be single as our final exam tru because we have agreed no attachement.

    without i realised, im in love with her. she is d best girl i ever met. if to compare, she is way better than my official gf. i introduced her to my dad during our graduation. i stayed for her for chirstmas and new year and even her birthday while waiting for my further study for master admission and visa stuff. altho she has left to her hometown which is not far from wer we studied.i rather not going back to my country just to stay in touch with her without any money in the pocket. she did ask me if i wud leave my gf , i said i cant coz ive promised i wud never leave her until she is ready.

    during the new year, after long time of lost contact with my official gf. i called her and wished her new year. it happened to be she mocked me tru the phone saying i shudnt call her anymore. he he he he he which mean she is breaking up with me. that situation knocked me a while, making me realised, the same thing would happen again if i ever being commited with the current girl.

    thats when i decided without discussing it with her, dat i want to be free. i dont want any relationship. i started to flirt a week before she visited me. when she is around, dats when she figured out my mistake or my flirt.. she is bery good in investigating.. lol. and i admited my mistake

    i really want to change but we never know the future. i dont want to hurt her just like i hurt my previous gf. i dont want, one day when i call her, she will said i shud stop calling her. dat wud hurt me d most. dats y i said im confused.

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for sharing this. I read twice (and maybe 3 times later) just to get the juice of your situation right now.

    So what's next for you man?
    We can chat through e-mail if you want more privacy:


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