Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Serve beyond what is required

About 2 minutes walk from my place, there is this Thai food shop called Khunthai Restaurant. I shall give you the address of this restaurant by the end of this note for advertisement purpose and for prove to my claim that this restaurant staffs (at date of writing) are mostly friendly.
Before I entered the restaurant, I heard a  foreign greeting, "Sawat dee kap!"

This is not him, okay.
One of them (I don't remember his name) lead me to my seat and asked, 'How are you?' in Chinese language but then soon realize that I’m not. His interactions were genuine as he was talking to a friend rather than words from a script. Food was served at the very reasonable time and I observed that most of their visitors are regular customer. He asked me either the food was nice and told me that he is available if I needed anything more.

After I paid for the meal, I looked at the bill... I was shock by the fact that the restaurant did not include any service charge! Exactly 09:17:55pm, 17th January 2011, an axiom comes to mind: Average people serve what is required, but extraordinary people serves beyond what is required. It was a lesson of a life time.

Sometime I do things just to get by and barely get through the day. When I was working part-time at Sushi King Restaurant, I came just in time to work and exactly on time to go back. What should I expect? More salary? No! Whatever I sow is what I will also reap. I get paid for what I work for; nothing much and nothing less. John C. Maxwell writes, 'The average day is average only because we don't make something more.'

If all this while you want to pass an exam just to get by ('cukup makan'), or while working hour running here and there, busy doing nothing and staring at the clock on the wall to tick at 5pm; don't ever dream to be an excellent student or get any promotion. We can stay where we are now and do the work of the average OR we can do beyond what is requiring for that is what Faithful Servant does. 

In your ministry toward others, in serving the Almighty Creator, apply this Servant Leadership principle in your daily life: - Take every opportunity to serve beyond what is required.
Will you work extra 5 minutes today?
Will you study more than playing games tomorrow?
Can you serve without extra 'service charge' now?

Khunthai Restaurant
6, Jalan 5/44, Petaling Garden,
Off Jalan Gasing, 46000 PJ, Selangor.

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  1. Tu meh cabaran kitai ti arap ka Tuhan Isa Almesih ngambika dunya ulih meda penyelai kitai urang Kristian awak ulih meri impact ngagai sida ke agi besagam dalam petang unggal

  2. Nyak meh, urang tik bepengarap mesti bepegai ka perintah Yesus; nyadi ka terang enggau garam di dunya.

  3. Thanks for sharing o!! This message speaks to me :) I am actually a student and serve in some ministries in church!! It reminds me again to serve beyond what is required :) Thanks ya :)

  4. Yes, we shall get every opportunity to serve beyond what is required. :)


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