Friday, January 21, 2011

Two is better than one

There is a song by Boys like Girls feat Taylor Swift, called ‘Two is better than one’. It is true? Are two is better than one?

Last Thursday, I went to Putrajaya with my friends from UKM campus for friendship outing. The plan was to go kayaking (which I didn’t play) and cycling. For cycling we went to Botani Park. We get to choose either using normal or 2-seater bicycle. I’m craving to ride 2-seater bicycle but, to cut the story short… I end up using normal bicycle instead.
Because Botani Park is quite huge and that was the first time I went there, after 5 minutes cycling with a reasonable amount of confident, I said to myself, a self declarations: I’M LOST!  At that moment, above song comes to mind: Two is better than one. I realized that lost in the middle of no way is not good (of course) especially alone.

From the movie Twilight; when vampires want to attack Bella, Edward Cullen placed her on top of a mountain (hill?) so that they cannot sense her smell. If you watch the movie (don’t deny it), Jacob Black also want to protect her from the enemies. There was a scene, I thought it was funny, when Bella was near death from cold and the only way for her to survive was to get body heated from Jacob a hot-blooded werewolf. What could a cold-blooded vampire boyfriend like Edward do? He ends up watching her under the arm of someone else’s.

Forget about the romantic part, just think of the extremely cold weather and you’re alone. In that moment of desperate… isn’t two is better than one?

Normally, in relationship we want to have the other person. No one like to be alone, be with others. Sharpen your people skills and trying to mix with others. “Loneliness is the first thing which God’s eye named not good” (John Milton refers to Genesis 2:18) In the case of Adam, God had provide woman for him. In our case of relationship with others, God will also provide the most valuable resource in the world- people for us.
If you have found one, you’re rich! A companion can offer assistance, comfort, and defense. Don’t loose them, treasures them. If you have found none, maybe it’s time to open your eyes wider for they are near and  here all this while.

 “Are two is better than one?” is our question today. King Solomon replied;

Two are better than one because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

In simple English, he said, ‘Yes’.

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  1. where got wednesday??? thursday la...haha...thanks for joining us though....haha...

  2. Hi, Richard. I'm one of your blog reader. After reading what you wrote and based on the previous posts you shared, I felt you are knowledgeable enough and by God grace to share your opinion about my question. 'How do you look at Christians who are struggling not to be gay and lesbian, but they really can't control themselves?' Yes, I'm one of them. And at times, I don't feel I get the answer after prayers...and I felt guilty to fall in love with the same sex and at the same time suffering to forcefully deny the feeling. In case you would want to share your opinion, you can't either share it through your blog or post your email that I can contact you. I would truly appreciate if you help out.Cuz, literally, I'm lost!

  3. Dear Anonymous, my e-mail is Love to know you more. Tell me about yourself, and think this through together. We brainstorm. Drink coffee. Flip through the Scripture. (or tear some pages) Triple the prayer.

  4. yo yo.. nice one. 2 is better than one... <3

  5. :D yup. that's why we always have Him first in our life and we know that no matter how far we are lost He is still there with us.

    True that God always place rightful companions by our side. :D

  6. 2 is better than 1.... we need someone to protect, encourage , ++++++ so on..... nobody can't live alone....thanks

  7. 'If you have found one, you’re rich! A companion can offer assistance, comfort, and defense. Don’t loose them, treasures them.' i like this quote! thanks bro :D

  8. When Carol Marol (Parol?) complimenting me, she point finger at me for 2 seconds then slightly adjust the point toward Heaven. :) Thanks for your (all) support.

    2 is better than one, indeed, yet Christians got it into excess... Father, Son and Holy Spirit IS with you. :)

  9. Love this one. thanks Mr. Richard! :D


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