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Week 26: Sacrifice - 'Even death itself will turn backwards'.

            It is the Law of Narnia, the Deep Magic that every traitor is belong to the queen Jadis, White Witch. Edmund as we know it from the first movie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, was a traitor. The evil White Witch said, 'His blood is my property', while pointing out her finger toward repented Edmund. In the Law, the punishment is to die on the Stone Table, '... as is tradition.' said the self-proclaim queen. This claimed happen in front of Great Lion, Aslan. 'Come in~', as he invites the Witch for a diplomatic talk with the enemy.

            We don't know what they are talking about, C.S. Lewis keep it for himself. As they when out from the tent belong to Aslan, it is quite surprising when Aslan announces that Edmund is released. People scream out in joy, but Lucy as she always is, known there's something wrong in Aslan's voice.
Jadis asking Aslan for a last time, "How do I know that your promise will be kept?"
Aslan roared mightily toward her to ensure that he kept his promise. But what promise? What did he promised to the evil witch?
We as human as we are though... or rather reason ourselves that we can make up for our own wrong doing. We say, 'I steal only once, I'm sure God won't punish me. In fact, I'm doing many good things now.' We thought that we can get away with our wicked life by the Law of Balance; steal RM2 then pay back RM2 in a form of charity or gifts and then zoooopppp! our sins disappear. We thought that God can be fool! 'Here God, look I have pray 23 hours per day, fasting 2 months and read the Sacred Book 3 times every week. Now I know that I'm righteous!’ God is love, He will forgive our sins but God is also Just, He must punish our sins.
Edmund must die. Edmund repent, yes, but he still has to die. If Aslan lets Edmund get away without any punishment, he's a law breaker, a liar and not trustworthy. What did he promised to the witch?
He will bear Edmund's punishment- to die on the Stone Table.

That night with heavy heart but willingly, he went to meet White Witch to sacrifice on behalf of Edmund- to die. He knew that Susan and Lucy are following him, so he said, 'It is time, from here I must be alone... you must trust me. Farewell~'

At Stone Table
"Behold, the Great Lion.", as the witch saw him with gladness. He was wounded, bound, tied and his hair was shaved. His Glory, an honor of a Lion was removed from him. Jadis whispered,
'You know Aslan; I'm a little disappointed in you. Did you honestly think by all this that you could save the human traitor? You are giving me your life and saving no one... So much for love.'
'Despair and die!' she loudly yelled and the cold knife went deep into his flesh. He breathes his last...
'The Great Cat is dead!!!'

Edmund have two choices: to die and the witch would have his soul or to live but someone else have to die. Aslan have two choices too; to give out Edmund to the witch and not being a responsible King and a loving Cat or; he has to sacrifice on behalf of Edmund and remain responsible and loving but powerless. In this case, Edmund didn't choose at all, Aslan volunteered and prove to be powerless... is he?

The next morning, the Table Stone was break into two and Aslan body was gone. Moment later, there he was, standing as an old Wise and Magnificent Lion, a King, resurrected from his death. Susan in her disbelieved, 'But we saw the knife... the witch.'
Aslan said to her and Lucy, 'If the witch knew the true meaning of sacrifice, she might have interpreted the Deep Magic differently. That when the willing victim who has committed no treachery is killed in a traitor's instead, the Stone Table would crack and even death itself will turn backwards.'

This is a friction story, but I believe that there's a true story. I don't believe in Deep Magic, I believe in Deep Truth. I don't believe in the Law of Narnia, but I believe in the Law of God. I don't believe that Aslan is the Most Mighty Lion; I believe that Jesus is the Lion of Judah. I don't believe that we can clean our own eternal sins; I believe that Jesus’ Blood had sacrificed Himself to redeem us from the punishment of our sin.
This is the only motivation for life that I knew that we don't need to do anything except believe, have faith. Be motivated to live out your life on the assurance that the Lord is Powerful, 'even death itself will turn backwards'.

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