Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 27: Kindness - so that the deaf can hear and the blind can see

I believe that the message of the gospel must be spoken and shown to the watching world. (Steven Sjogren, Conspiracy of Kindness)
 Charity does not require a large deed. It often takes little acts of kindness in the form of a warm smile or a kind word. (Steven R. Covey, Everyday Greatness)

I remember well when I went back home by bus to Petaling Jaya from Shah Alam after visiting my friend, Jimmy Awang. It was crowded, and for your information; RapidKL service don't have conductor bus. So as you can imagine, it took lots of time during transaction. 30 minutes later, an old lady with her big black giant bag came in for a ride, I'm suspect she was a real Indian from India. I knew this when she replied me, 'Hellu' instead of normal 'hello'. 

She was sitting next to me and looking straight through a transparent glass on her right side without a word or any indication to communicate with me. Maybe she thought that I'm an unfriendly Chinese guy (I'm Iban, but most people think that I'm Chinese) or maybe she just doesn’t want to talk, just enjoy the ride. 

I want to communicate with her, but I doubt that she can understand me. So I take out chocolate- Nips, and offered her to have some. Suddenly, she smiled, shakes her head which is a sign of 'yes' and open wide her right hand and said 'thank you'. When she arrived at her destination, she said 'bye bye' and what a magic it was- she gave me the loveliest smile ever!

Do you remember when is the last time you do the act of simple kindness toward others? It doesn't cost much but the effect is tremendously great. It was a win-win situation. She has her chocolate, and I have her attention. It's not the size of your deeds or gifts that's matter; it's the heart of the giver that counts.

As the children of God, we must demonstrating His kindness by offering to do some act of humble service with no strings attached. When you saw an opportunity to serve others, don't waste it! Offer yourself up, make the best of what you have at hand now and do it great as possible at that moment.

A Nips chocolate can make this old lady’s day a little bit brighter. It cost me RM1.80 for the chocolate but I received a specious 'gift' in return, a smile on her face. When we show the kindness toward others, it is not for the sake of receiving back, but to show how great our God is. It’s our respond, because He gave so we give.

Will someone this week understand the Gospel better because of your simple act of kindness?
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  1. I like the word "Hellu" :)

  2. Ha2... You got to pronounce it properly. :)

  3. :) S'time life can bcome so hard until we duno how to handle it....... Kindness form other (Friend, family, stranger) No MattEr Big or Small(Chocolate Nips).... Its can bring smiLe n Help to continue or facing Life


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