Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 31: Gratitude - "If I were a Butterfly"

Today, 6th February 2011, early in the morning during Worship Service, I flipped through an old hymn which I have no idea how to sing it but somehow the lyrics had captured my intention. The title of this hymn is called "If I were a Butterfly" by Brian Howard. My eyes didn't blink when I read it, my right-hand write it down, my heart praise the Lord and I knew I should share this to you;
(1st verse)
If I were a Butterfly,
I'd thank You, Lord, for giving me wings,
And if I were a robin in a tree,
I'd thank You, Lord, that I could sing.
And if I were a fish in the sea,
I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle with glee;
But I just thank You Father,
for making me 'me'.

In the fast-paced modern life today, the demanding schedules and the hustle of daily routines, it is easy to overlook the thoughtful, caring acts of others and a word of gratitude to one another. The words 'thank you' is one of the easiest of all to apply but seldom people use it because the world demand that 'no time should be wasted'. 'What about your dreams... house, car, money and your popularity?’ the devil whispered to distract us from stopping to appreciate what we had. We often judge our life with what we don't have instead of what we already have.

Go ahead and achieve your dream, in fact you must have one. (I have a dozen of dreams) But take time today to stop, withdraw yourself to a silent place and list down what you already have - Family, friends, shelter, foods, clothes, shoes, computer, books, a good boss, supportive colleagues, pen, hand phone, hair gel, electricity... Life itself etc. Bob Harrison advices his readers, 'What you do not maintain and appreciate you will eventually lose." My mother due to her loving-caring heart said to me, "I'm sorry that we're not able to buy a car for you." In replied I said, "I have legs to walk and hands to work. You have done a greatest job the world by raising a handsome son like me. Thank you very much" That is easy, but we often forget.

Say thanks now, acknowledge the contributions of others and celebrate the success of others. If I were a Butterfly, I'd thank You, Lord, for giving me wings. But I am your creation, I'd thank You, Lord, for giving me life and making me 'me'. Above all, our gratitude is first belonging to our Creator.

For You gave me a heart,
for You gave me a smile,
You gave me Jesus
And You make me Your Child,
and I just thank You, Father.
for making me 'me'.

Question: What are you gratitude for today?

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  1. I just thank You, Father.
    for making me 'me'.

  2. simple but yet seriously needed to be practice .

    THANK YOU richard

  3. Thanks a lot for this sharing, I am encouraged by it :)

  4. Adat Iban dulu kelia sigi nadai jaku 'terima kasih' tang diatu nyu nunda adat enggau bansa bukai, chunto urang ribai enggau sekeda bansa bukai di dunya tu. Ba rumah panjai menya, enti urang meri kitai utai kitai nyebut 'nama enggai enda kiruh' tang sambut kitai ga. Enti kitai bisi utai di dapur, kitai lalu meri urang nua mega.

  5. Praise the Lord. ~shhh.... share it. :)


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