Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A leader both Pray and Act

He’s the strong conscience of the whole Christian world.” (Billy Graham said about Pope John Paul II)

His real name is Karol Jozef Wojtyla, the archbishop of Krakow, Poland. I’m not sure if you can pronoun his name or recognize this man, but if I mention Pope John Paul II, maybe most of you will recognize him immediately. He becomes pope in 1978, the highest office on the Roman Catholic Church.

When I read his short biography in books, magazine articles etc. it amazed me that this small man did much work inside and outside his office. One of his great impacts on the international stage was his decisive role in the collapse of Communism in Europe in the 1980s and he was leading a major influence on spiritual life in Cuba.

In You can be a World Changer published by Honors Books writes, “He has done more than any other pope to mend relations with Jewish people and in 1996, became the first pope to enter a synagogue in Rome since the apostle Peter. In 2000, he publicly prayed for forgiveness for the Church’s failure through the centuries to combat atrocities against Jews, natives Americans, women, homosexuals, children abused by priests, and other maligned groups of people.”

When I read the above quote, I was touch by his willingness to admit the failure of Christians around the world. That is the boldness of a godly leader. He acts, going out reaching people and prays for others. In his private chapel, he would wake up at 6.15am everyday to pray.

When the World are making fun of Church leaders such as pope like him on movies etc, we often forget that being a leader is a serious business in the Kingdom of God. Some may bring out negative images to the world, but I believe most of Church leaders are people that are worth to exemplified. No matter if you’re a Church leader or father to your son; any positions or influence you’re making – remember this: Leader must be prayerful and action oriented person. But first Pope John Paul II said,

Brothers and sisters don’t be afraid to welcome Christ and to accept his power.” 

Christ is always be his first priority.
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  1. I respect him for praying for forgiveness to our lack of awareness toward social justice. Wake up people!!!


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