Saturday, February 5, 2011

Leader is a good Listener

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen. (Ernest Hemingway)
 Let see if you’re familiar with this:
He sits there, silent. She is telling him something. His eyes wander round the room. He glances at his watch. He leans back in his chair. He yawns. He flicks a speck of dust off his sleeve. He folds his arms. His face shows no reaction to what she is saying. She falls silent. He makes an irrelevant comment.

          One of my greatest mistakes when someone trying tell me something – is not listening well. After they pour out their heart, all I can offer to them is an irrelevant feedback. We may be tired. They may repeat it before or you may already know the story from others. Quite annoying, maybe yes… but if they are telling us something, we must listen.
          Most of the influence leaders that I know personally, for examples Loh Kim Cheng, Annette Arulrajah etc. they are a good listener. Listening is loving. It is giving ourselves and all our attention to those who are talking to us. Listen with care. Don’t just listen, hear. Hear what they are saying. Process it. Digest it.
          Don’t be distracted by how you are going to answer back while they are talking to you… for the present, LISTEN. Leader is a good listener. 

p.s: Boss, gaji naik aaa..? ha2
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