Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part 2: Message before Valentine's Day - You give me 'love', I give you 'good-bye'

A short story. Maybe it's a familiar one. And maybe sometimes ridiculous, well of course... it’s a made-up story. Yes, I'm not a good storyteller and my grammar always failed me. With that in mind, least your expectation on this story okay.  

Her's Story

            It's been 1 month in college, this dude; clean hair cut, tall and with beautiful Asian dark brown eyes makes her wonder- is he the one that she been looking for? After less than a week knowing each other, both decided to go for a date. Quick? Yes, this is common. This is her first date. Excited. Nervous. Happy. Don't know what to do. That night she wearing a pink t-shirt with a cute Mickey Mouse on it, not so high heel shoes she borrows from her roommate and a tight pair of jeans that she bought last month.

            At a Chinese restaurant that night, she couldn't believe that this gorgeous dude is her first date. 'Mamma!!! Is this a dream?' her heart beat faster as she makes a polite excuse to go to a ladies' room and wash her face. After putting her simple make up on, she moves back to her seat.
Dude: You look pretty today~ and I like your pink t-shirt.
Girl: Emmm... (Smile) Thank you... you too... (She don't know what to say)
[Dude was thinking, 'me too? I don't wear a pink t-shirt! Idiot! Well, I have to endure this.]
Dude: it's noisy here... can I come closer?
Girl: Yap~ (dup dup… dup dup... her heart beat faster than before)

It’s been 1 hour but she doesn't feel that way, the clock is jealous… envy, "it’s only 15 minutes!'. She enjoys every moment. 'Yes, he is the one!' she said to herself. Dude is getting closer and closer to her. She kind of friendly girl and this doesn't border her anyway... but that night she felt a touch on her shoulder. Crawling like a spider. Slowly dude makes an attempt to kiss her. 'Almost there…’ Dude proclaimed in his mind. 'Almost there'. Bang! It was a palm of goddess lying on his face, "What?” said Dude.
"Don't do this! I'm not a cheap girl!” she almost screams in her cry.
"I thought you like me. I thought you love me..."
She didn't say anything.
"I thought you love me, why I cannot kiss you? You said you love me don't you?” Dude is kind of pushy.
She didn't say anything.
"Hey, please... please... I'm sorry okay... I'm sorry~"
When Dude tried to hug her, to ‘comfort’ her for his owns fault, she pushes his hands and said very clearly to him, "Yes, I like you. But we just met for 1 week and now you try to kiss me? This is not love; you try to take advantage of me! You give me 'love'... now I give you 'goodbye'!" bang! Another familiar palm strike Dude for the last time.

That night, she celebrated her Valentine alone. After returning her roommate's high heels, she asked herself in her bedroom, 'Is he out there?' Hmmm... She was disappointed with Dude and perhaps her time to meet 'the one' is not this year. She didn't tell this story to her mom, but she called her that night saying, "Mom... (Pause) I'll always remember your advice. I will never allow any man to take advantage of Me." and she talks about how funny it feels when she using high heels for the first time.

You give me ‘love’; I give you ‘goodbye’.

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  1. I had this experience before.. minus the high heels.. :P

  2. this remind me of a song called "you give love a bad name" by Bon jovi..hehe..

  3. This is your first note without giving any conclusion or summary... I miss those part. he2

  4. kena penampar la dat dude ..........


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