Monday, March 7, 2011

Leader, not Manager

There are four types of people in the world: those who watch things happen, those who let things happen, those who ask what happened and those who make things happen. Leaders are those who make things happen meanwhile managers are in the other groups. 

Myles Munroe explained it this way, ‘Leaders are those who master the context, managers are those who surrender to it. All leaders were managers on their way to leadership. It is the natural path to progression. However, not all managers become leaders.’

During my visits to MHP Bookstores Mid-Valley, I was looking for leadership books and I browsing through Warren Bennis’s book on leadership. He recorded some of differences between manager and leader:
·      The manager administers, the leader innovates.
·      The manager is a copy, the leader is an original.
·      The manager maintains, the leader develops.
·      The manager focuses on systems and structure, the leader focuses on people.
·      The manager relies on control, the leader inspires trust.
·      The manager has a short range of view; the leader has a long range of perspective.
·      The manager asks how and when, the leader asks what and why.
·      The manager has his eyes on the bottom line; the leader has his eyes on the horizon.
·      The manager imitates, the leader originates.
·      The manager accepts the status quo, the leader challenges it.
·      The manager is the classical good soldier; the leader is his own person.
·      The manager does things right, the leader does the right thing.

Leaders can become managers but not necessary managers are leaders. True leaders are those who make things happen!

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