Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life is short, Wake up early!

There is something about my bed. It’s warm and inviting. If I want to read my book, this place is totally forbidden. I have two soft and comfort pillows hunger for my hug every night. If you’re like me, I get my maximum sleep mode by turning on my side either to the left or right, it doesn’t matter I can just… zzz… zzz… zzz…

I love a great night sleep, in fact, everyone does. When I ask people about what is their hobby, I get almost 70% answers is sleep. (Does sleep consider as a hobby???) One of our basic needs is sleeping. I don’t need to emphasis on the important of sleeping to our health, most of us know about it. The problem sometime is not that we don’t have enough sleep but we are sleeping too much. One of the major causes that stopping us from breaking this negative habit is not that we don’t want or we doesn’t realize about this time consuming ‘hobby’, but simply put it as a I-hate-to-get-out-of-bed disease.

Let’s see if you’re familiar with this: The night before I went to bed, I set up my alarm clock in my cell phone to 7.50am. The next morning when the alarm snoozed, I would quickly reach it out and set the alarm to snooze again in 15 minutes. I’d repeat this ritual another two or three times. After 3 to 4 wake up called, I was shocked to realize that the time was already 8.30am. My morning had become a rush hour and I was late to work.

Now I wake up at 7.30am in the morning, some suggest that wake up at 5.30am is much better so that you can have time to exercise, have a breakfast and reading or praying. (I don’t have to wake up that early because my office as for now is just 10 minutes walk.) When you wake up early in the morning, you can control your day before chaos hit. 

In a short term, your might feel uncomfortable at the first few days. But in the long term, you’ll discover that you can accomplish much more work without rushing your day out. Robin Sharma in his leadership podcast said, ‘Wake up early will make your brain alert… after all we have plenty of time to sleep when we’re in the grave.’ We all gonna die soon, so why sleep too much? Live is short, wake up early!

When it comes to being discipline in your life, you are never going to feel like doing what you need to do. ‘Getting out of bed can feel downright radical simply because you don’t want to. But you have to. Do it, even though it feels radical in a moment. That’s the skill you need to master: taking radical action’, said Mel Robbins.

To cure the I-hate-to-get-out-of-bed disease, you have to do the opposite way. When your alarm snoozing tomorrow morning, put your feet on the floor, stand up, get out of bed. No delay. No hesitation. Pray and start your day!

I wish you a good night sleep tonight. If it hard to wake up - push, force or do whatever it takes to move your body out of bed tomorrow morning. If you have my number, sms me, ‘Richard, I decided to wake up early every morning!’ I may reply: Good morning, now brush your teeth.

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  1. this want really2 hit me...he2...but i know the method bcoz bed has its own attraction..hope can wake up early next time..not hope but try..


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