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Part 3 BE Ladies: Emotion

As I was planning or challenging myself to write on the 3rd part of ‘’ BE LADIES’’ article about ‘’ladies emotion’’, I almost give-up to look for the points or stories or even ways to overcome emotion because I myself as a ladies always fall down on my knee and cry out of nothing, out of nowhere. My emotion or the ladies emotion is fragile. I always give a stupid reason about having PMS (pre- menstrual syndrome) as the ‘’sensitivity’’ or the ‘’button’’ of my emotion. Then I realized, even after the PMS cycles, I am still act or feel like a junkies where I need to get attentions from people to inject into my emotion to make me happy. Whenever people failed to do so, I blame them and run to my room and cry while mumbling to God ‘’why am I not getting the attention am suppose to have?’’. 

Here is the list of emotional disorders:
  1. Depression 
  2. Anxiety
  3. Fatigue (Weariness)
  4. Anhedonia (is the inability to gain pleasure from enjoyable experiences.)
  5. Poor appetite
  6. Weight loss
  7. Sleep disorder
  8. Poor self image
  9. Suicidal ideation
  10. Nervousness
  11. Instability
  12. Paresthesias (morbid or perverted sensation; an abnormal sensation, as burning, prickling, formication, etc)
I confessed I’ve faced almost 70% of the list. Indeed we are human we do have emotions to face it. However, if it’s continuously without any solution means there is problem with it.  God wants us to be happy and delightful in everything we do and be. Now ladies ask yourself, ‘’why this emotion comes and goes without good reason to weep on?’’

This morning (5th march 2011), I read an email from my youth leader about an article of ‘’a space for grace’’ by lysa Terkeurst, it started with;
"Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground…" Hosea 10:12 (NIV)

I didn’t understand until I read a question:‘’Why do I always seem to have little pieces of brokenness in my life every day? It's so frustrating. I need your perspective on the brokenness or I need a break from it."
I summarized Lysa’s article with my own words as:

1.    Jar of emptiness
After every pieces of brokenness we feel, there is emptiness. Fill-up the emptiness with the joy of honoring God. Do not seek for human’s comfort because nothing in this world is forever. There are no snacks or drinks remain in our body to indulge us with the comfort and ‘’ahhhhhhh‘’ feeling more than 2 hours. The comfort will flee away when human gets tired comforting us. Not even self-voice, we can’t use our own voice to comfort ourselves, we might whisper ‘’do not worry Priscilla, just go to sleep for tomorrow is going to be better’’. The self-voice talk as if it knows about tomorrow, in fact it can’t. Only God is faithful. Only God is powerful to overcome the emotional disorder because He created us. He knows us inside-out.

2.    Responsible
We choose how our life to be. We choose who to texts or calls. We choose what to say and sing. We choose who to kiss and who to hurt. When comes to realization, all this choices are useless because in the end, the ‘’fruit’’ we ‘’reap’’ from the choices it will infect our emotions. Take a good inventory in every choice you make and be ready to take the responsibility.
On the other side, when we choose to Honor God with an open heart, we will reap ‘space of grace’’ in the midst of our life. Jeremiah 29:13, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." (NIV). Lysa said ‘’ I starts to look at life and people, and annoying circumstances differently. I change. I become more complete. I sense a new closeness with God. I don't go under quite as easily when the waves of life rush at me and over me.’’

Instead of the ladies be the emotional clingy, the ladies would be the anchor of all the motivations. People would starts to see, our life is beautiful not because we are using M.A.C new foundation compact powder or free from stress or depression but we can smile at the storm of life and sparks the dark night with fireworks of joy.

Let our life stay out from consuming sleeping pills, alcohol, ‘’slurpee’’, cigarette or be shopaholic to hide the emotions. Let the Holy Spirit take control of your emotions; choose to honor God, let our faith to see the beautiful world and our soul rising higher and higher day by day.
This is a 4 parts series note. 

Priscilla Andrew is from Miri, Sarawak. She's a daddy girl, so we might assume that she's quite a tough young lady. She loves to quote, ''Look at the world with your heart not with your head'' Writing on Being a Woman doesn't mean she's there already, this is a long term process. But along the way; she's learning and that's when this note come into written words.
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