Sunday, March 13, 2011

Part 4 BE Ladies: Contribution

‘’ We can be the ‘bread-winner’ for our family with femininity ’’. Some of the lady whose born in the comfort zone and balanced family lifestyle would not get the idea of being a bread-winner. The bread-winner means the member of a household who earns all or most of the income. 

Lets amplify the meaning of bread-winner because most of us would think; it is too much for the lady to be the one earn most of the income in a family. It may imply for the single mother or a daughter which have the responsibility against her family because her dad has passed away or left them. The bread-winner my version is simple, it’s CONTRIBUTION.

The story of Rebecca in the bible makes it clear that women can feel ambition, love greatly, deceive, and be self-sacrificing. The nature of the person shapes what they are, not their gender. Rebecca was a leader of people and an organizer of the future. It did not matter that she was a woman. She used the abilities she had, in the best way that she could.

The ladies contribution is not only based on life-expenses but be the support system in the society. There is no need to wait to be a mother or a nun just to show our care towards others. As we are single ( not married yet):
1.       Single Life is not only looking for ideal spouse but to be friends with everybody. ‘Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens his friend's countenance- Proverbs 27:1’. Be friend to someone new too. Do not hesitate to be in someone’s life. Be a motivator and listener. People do not need a psychiatrist but just a friend.

2.       Single Life is not only having stable saving account bank for future house, car or wedding gown. It is time for us to help our parent together to build-up the household. Everything starts from home. It is a training ground for us to be a responsible adult. For example, we can be the one buying school uniforms and books for our siblings when the elementary school time is opening soon. That has saved up a lot of stress for our parent because they still have school fees and daily fees to think of. We had our time when we were still schooling. 

3.       Single life is not only about developing our skills in the working field. we are chasing big companies with our resume. We are too hardworking to get promoted just to achieve our career goal in life. In the end, we will just sitting at the church pew every Sunday morning but the rest of the week, we do not even know where is our Bible ( aahhh, it has been under my pillow! ). There is no gap in our life to stop serving God and be ‘friend’ with God. Although a priest is a profession, we do not need to be a priest to study the bible and teach in the Sunday morning. Remember, we cant live by bread alone!

We are clear with our role ( part 1), the controller of our attitude ( part 2) and the owner of our emotion ( part 3), it is time to share it with others. You're a female by a matter of birth, a woman by a matter of age, but being a lady is ONLY by a matter of choice & action!
This is a 4 parts series note. 

Priscilla Andrew is from Miri, Sarawak. She's a daddy girl, so we might assume that she's quite a tough young lady. She loves to quote, ''Look at the world with your heart not with your head'' Writing on Being a Woman doesn't mean she's there already, this is a long term process. But along the way; she's learning and that's when this note come into written words.

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