Friday, March 25, 2011

People are not Alike

 “Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.” (M. Scott Peck)

Right now I’m listening to my favorite rock band Incubus in their Monuments and Melodies album, I always amaze by their music arrangements and the way they writes their lyrics. If you watch their live music videos you’ll find that they can play difference kind of music instruments. When I reflect on this, I realize that, just as all kinds of instruments strengthen their music, so it is for people with different gifts and perspectives make any team stronger. Don’t let differences causes us into confusion, conflict, and tension; rather see it this way: ‘It is often through such diversity that the most progress is made.’

Ancient Hebrew philosopher, Joshua son of Sirach writes, ‘Every human being was made from the earth, just as Adam was. But the Lord, in his wisdom, made them all different and gave them different tasks.’ People are not alike. I’m blessed to be in a team of difference kind of people, educational background and the way they think and diversity in gifts and talents. For example when my team come together to solve a problem or to brainstorming ideas; their differences are necessary to ensure that all angles are thought through, new ideas introduced, rough ideas sharpened, and in the end made a decision which can be agreed upon.
I find out that my life, my relationships and even my spiritual life can became stagnant if I ignore or detest the differences of others. You might never hear any songs from Incubus but think of one of your favorite rock band etc. To make such wonderful music, these masterpieces can only be produce from difference kind of music instruments. God made people different but the beauty of it is that through these differences He can make us work together to create a wonderful ‘song’ for people to ‘hear.’

Don’t allow differences to set your team members against each other. Strive to use their differences to bring them together to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.’ (Ronald A. Beers) Ask, how can I use people’s differences to strengthen my family bond and my team?

Remember, THINK BIG - teamwork result is far better than individual could have achieve, START SMALL by focus on how their differences can be work together and GO DEEP for each person is uniquely created.

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  1. Em, ya I shouldn't try to treat my Cf member the same because they are difference. :) Thanks


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