Thursday, March 31, 2011

Start with What You Have

Every time after finished reading some inspiring books, I used to think that ‘hey, I want to write something that will inspire others too!’ Initially I was fired up, flame above my head and my enthusiasm level reached it full signal. Then few hours later, after having a hot refreshing coffee, TV breaks and cool shower - my fire down, no more flame and enthusiasm level drastically decrease below empty signal.

I let hesitation and procrastination keep me from doing anything about it. Maybe some of you have the same internal dialog that goes like this: ‘If only I had this… if only this were different… if only I had more money, idea, resource, then I could do what I want to do.’ I hesitate because I always questioned myself, ‘Am I able to motivate or inspire or encourage others to live their life to the fullest? Am I qualified to say those words to them? Would my average readers who have a much better educational backgrounds will ever consider to read articles from a much lower education and village-born guy whom they didn’t know?...’

Toxic! Toxic! Toxic! This is a toxic thinking! Procrastination is the symptom, hesitation is toxic, and fear is the problem. Never let what you don’t have keep you from doing what you can do with what you have. You may have no voice to sing, but you have hands to play instruments. 2 years ago, a friend came to me after Church, ‘Chard, I don’t know how to lead worship in the Church, I don’t know how to do Bible Study for Sunday school… I’m useless.’ he said. I replied, ‘Man, you can be the best usher in this Church tho.’ Yes he does! Almost every Sunday morning whenever I came to visits his church, I saw his white teeth and heavy handshake welcoming congregation. And more, now he playing guitar for worship service in his church. (I heard that he’s leading Bible Study every week too.)

We don’t need more strength, ability or great opportunity, what we need is to use what we have. I don’t have impressive master degree or PhD, but what I have is a passion to add value to others. I don’t have a great mind to utter brilliant thoughts, but I have books and people to refer to and I get my ultimate inspiration from the One who creates my brain. Start with what you have, not what you don’t have.

John L. Mason writes, ‘Don’t waste time in doubts and fears about what you don’t have; spend yourself in the task before you, knowing that the right performance of this hour’s duties will be the best preparation for the years that follow it.’ He then quotes, “Grow where you are planted. Begin to weave, and God will give the thread.” (German Proverbs)

Remember: THINK BIG don’t focus on what you don’t have, START SMALL start with what you have, and GO DEEP for what you have is a gifts from God. Use it mightily for His Kingdom.

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