Thursday, April 7, 2011

It is FRESH!

The ladies always have the same reason to go for shopping. It is getting new stuff with new style. The compulsive shoppers usually buy stuff without thinking the needs out of it. I am one of the compulsive buyer or shopaholic years back. Well, I am not talking about how I overcome the addiction of shopping but I want to emphasize on the valuation of the new and old stuff that we have. 

As I got my new smart phone, I abandoned my ipod as it served me the same function with small differentiations but I enjoy my new phone better than Ipod. My cousin, she is a bag lover. She buys bag like twice a month or at least once a month. She will surely dump the old bag in the closet or on the floor and enjoying the new bag to her office. 
 Not much of us, appreciate the old material. As one of my native proverb saying, ‘the older the vase (tajau) is, the more expensive it would cost to get it’. Once it broken, the next generation would not know the origin of its race because it contains art factual (artifact). There is no replacement for it. 

This imply to our old testament in the bible. Most of the youngster would memorize by heart the new testament, especially John 3:16 but none of us even understand Deuteronomy 24: 10. There is no harm in knowing the New Testament but do not ever make the New Testament overrule the Old Testament. It is God word, we cannot highlight the one we want and relate to then cancel the other word which we do not understand. 

That sort of thinking is superficial that I would suggest any person stating that should ask themselves do they really know the either the Old or New Testament. For anyone who knows and prays the New Testament will also know the value of the Old Testament. If we run down the Old Testament that may be revealing our lack of knowledge and love of the New Testament also.

We thought of the Old Testament is out of date since Jesus, that the Old Testament is only concerned with waging battles. You know from attending Mass that the first reading during Mass, except during the seven weeks of Easter, is taken from the Old Testament. How does the reader finish reading the excerpt? By saying, “This is the Word of the Lord”. The Old Testament is also the Word of God just like the New Testament. God speaks to us also through the Old Testament. 

God’s self-revelation in the Old Testament did not lose significance for us with the Incarnation (God becoming human in Jesus). 2 Tim 3:16 says “All Scripture is inspired by God”. When that letter was written to Timothy what were the Scriptures? The Books of the Old Testament. The Old Testament is inspired by God just as the New Testament is inspired by God. Because the Old Testament is inspired by God it is of value to us; we come to know God through the Old Testament just as through the New Testament.

I am neither a theologies nor the student of theology, I am just the little children of God who adore His word. Everytime I read His word, I realized I read the verse before but I know I never understand it as how I understand as I read it today. God’s word in the bible will never be new but it always fresh. 

Beside, property investment we are investing today for our future generation, God’s word is the biggest and stagnant investment ever to be invested into our children’s life (Psalm 78: 4-7). The values of God’s word never decrease, it always increasing as the world’s need is increasing.
Priscilla Andrew is from Miri, Sarawak. She's a daddy girl, so we might assume that she's quite a tough young lady. She loves to quote, ''Look at the world with your heart not with your head'' Writing on Being a Woman doesn't mean she's there already, this is a long term process. But along the way; she's learning and that's when this note come into written words.

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