Friday, April 8, 2011

A note for a Tired Soul

I have given rest to the weary and joy to the sorrowing.” (Jeremiah 31:25)

Huh’... an exhale of tiredness and loaded of heavy sign coming from the breath of taxi driver that sending me back home on that Friday evening from AmCorp Mall. It was rainy. I wish I never heard that frustrated and burdensome exhale. I wish he would just send me home. I pay, keep the chance and done. As my eyes wondering around his humble ‘manger’, an old car Proton Saga is it name; I saw something like a foil of bills bundling around in front of him.

Maybe he thought that I was a tell-your-feeling box machine or maybe he thought that I was a long lost friend and maybe he was surprised when I asked him, “Boss, you’re a Christian?” I bet he wake up early in the morning and coming back home late at night driving his taxi around town, spending lots of hours in his humble ‘manger’. “Why?” he says, “For one day I can only have around RM40 to RM50, why some people can earn thousands of ringgit? I have to work hard.” His eyes fixed on me. I knew he don’t want another prophet to tell him ‘This is life. Get used to it.’ No he doesn’t. He just wants my open ears.

5 minutes later, I said something profound. A question that even Anwar Ibrahim or Dato Idris Jala or Lady Gaga would thanks me for it. I asked him, “Are you tired?” He silenced for a while before he answered my question. That evening ride had become a moving counseling sessions. I still paid my fee but something that he said that neither of us can pay, “Good night, friend.” So I replied, “Drive safety, friend.”

Today, it is not hard to find someone like him. Ask someone around you. Stare at the entrance door of your office tomorrow morning. Take a 270 degree scan at your classroom. Stop by at your parent’s room. You’ll see that peoples are tired. Maybe… you are tired. You are weary. Weary of raising your Asian energizer bunny children. Weary of doing your assignments and proposal… bombarded with rejections after rejections. Weary of pushing yourself to the ladder of success. Weary of keeping relationship that obviously doesn’t work. This taxi driver is tired. I am tired. You are tired. People are tired.

Maybe it was over simplify. His disciples maybe confused. Pharisees surely not like it. Some of His hearers might not understand. Even today some may doubt. Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) Come to me… The invitation is to come to Him. All of us are invited, we who are weary and tired. This was and is His eternal promise: I will… I will give you rest.

God will give you renewed strength when you grow weary.
When you come to Him in praise, He refreshes your heart.
When you come to Him in meditation, He refreshes your mind.
When you come to Him in solitude, He refreshes your body.
When you come to Him in thankfulness, He refreshes your perspective.
[Quote from Divine Moments: Everyday inspiration from God’s Word]

Remember: THINK BIG Jesus is calling you now ‘Come to me…’ with your weariness. START SMALL by presenting your ‘burdens’ to Him. GO DEEP Believe with your unshakable faith that He would gladly say it to you personally, ‘I will give you rest.’ When He said it, He’ll do it.
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  1. i never get bored reading all your blogs... when i have the time to read it, somehow it awakes me. you inspired we a lot in many ways... now, when i said "I'm too tired..." He said, "I will give you rest." thank you richard for everything :)

  2. Sincerely Richard,thank you.. Praise God for everything that He has given me, including a friend like you.


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