Thursday, January 5, 2012

If you have to Faced a bad-mood Fella

Today after work, I went to a photocopy shop. Maybe it was a rainy day; the owner’s mood was as bad as the weather. I handed him our Prayer & Praise letters,
100 copies, please.”
With his no-mood-breathing, he replied, ‘Emm~”
Then I asked (I should asked you know), “When it’s gonna be ready?”
How should I know? You all want everything fast… give me your phone number, I’ll call you once it’s ready.”
You have no mood don’t you?” I tried to talk, “its okay then, I’ll go to somewhere else.” 
No, no, no, give me your phone number, I’ll call you.”
Since traffic was jammed, hard to find parking and still a bit rainy outside – I made up my mind to be compromised and gave him my number. Not that I’m kind, not naturally kind (In fact, I’m quite angry actually), it just… I have little choice.
By the end of the day, he called and apologized for his previous attitude.  I smiled. I was blur and to tell you the truth, I don’t remember why he said that until few seconds later… such a short-term memory. That's my story. End.

I’ve learned 3 important lessons today;
1.     Patience,
2.     Be Patience,
3.     Prolong your Patience (I mean, whenever you want to outburst, wait a little bit more)

Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.” (Plautus)
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