Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reflection on 1 Samuel 3:9 - "Speak, Lord..."

Speak, Lord.  I am your servant and I am listening.” (I Samuel 3:9)

At verse above, Samuel was young and didn’t know who the Lord was. God called him 3 times before Eli, his father, the priest, perceived that it was the Lord who was speaking to Samuel. Samuel just couldn’t recognize whose the voice was, but his father told him that it was the Lord. So he listened… he listened.

Samuel had a sensitive spirit and was willing to listen and obey. We, too, need to have sensitive spirits, willing to listen and obey. We need to remain in-tune with God. He speaks through His Word, the Bible, do you hear it? He speaks through His servants, can you heed it? He even speaks through events of your life, can you notice it? Max Lucado writes, “We expect God to speak through peace, but sometimes he speaks through pain… We think we hear him in the sunrise, but he is also heard in the darkness. We listen for him in triumph, but he speaks even more distinctly through tragedy.

If you are still unsure of what God wants to tell you - 'Ask'. He will show you. Don't think God hasn't got anything to say for you; to listen and obey. Pray that God will direct you and show you his plan for your life. He will begin to open doors. Watch and see what the Lord will do - when we heed His call. Come, and say it together with young Samuel;
Speak, Lord. I am your servant and I am listening.” 

Happy Chinese New Year, my friends! In the midst of firecrackers, family’s chatters and dragon’s roaring… may you listen to the Lord, the High Supreme God (true ‘Shang Ti’) as He speaks to you today. So listen and obey.

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  1. Nice one.. We should listen to Him at any time of our life and let His word get through to our heart. :)

    ps: Happy Chinese New Year!


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