Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tested by Fire but still Alive

The Bible is alive, it speaks to me; it has feet, it runs after me;
it has hands, it lays hold of me
.” (Martin Luther)

Suppose there was a man who had lived on earth for 1,900 years, that this man had often been thrown into the sea and yet could not be drowned; that he had frequently been cast before wild beasts who were unable to devour him; that he had many times been made to drink deadly poisons which never did him any harm; that he had often been bound with iron chains and locked in prison dungeons, yet he had always been able to throw off the chains and escape from his captivity; that he had repeatedly been hanged until his enemies thought him dead, yet when his body was cut down he sprang to his feet and walked away as though nothing had happened; that hundreds of times he had been burned at stake until there seemed to be nothing left of him, yet as soon as the fires were out he leaped up from the ashes as well and vigorous as ever – but we need not expand this idea any further; such a man would be superhuman, a miracle of miracles. Yet this is the story of the Bible. And all because God declared that His Word should abide forever.
[Quote from: Roy B. Zuck’s The Speaker’s Quote Book.]

The Bible is the mind of God. To read the Book is to read God. But you see the Book is not primary, God is. The Book is about the Author – His mind, His Doing, His plans, His promises. Just like when I write these words, my thoughts first ‘speaking’ while my hand typing letters. It was so with God. He speaks, then He ‘writes’. Thus, when you speak the Word He 'writes', the Word speaks to you. He was spoken before, He is still speaking today. Yes, today…

Know it in your mind
Store it in your heart.
Show it in your life,
Share it to the world.
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