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Is Fat Loveable?

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I’m fat but I’m cute!” said Robson referring to himself. “Fat mean happy,” my cousin self-declared. My girl friend shared, “I don’t mind overweight boy as long as he love, respect and appreciate me.”

Few days ago at the Spring shopping mall I asked my boy friend who is in love with this chubby girl what does he think about his girlfriend, he said, “She kind of overweight, I know. Everyone is teasing me for dating her… but I don’t mind really, she’s the most confident girl I ever know.
You’re weird”, I affirmed his statement positively, “but much matured man.”
Well of course”, he continued as if he didn’t hear my admiration toward his attitude few seconds ago, “she even makes jokes about it. She accepts her self-image… I mean she enjoys being her and that’s the best thing about her. She talks about it freely as if being fat is the best thing in the world.”
You used words ‘the best’ a lot ya know… yeah, I agree.”
Then after he read my mind, he said, “Are you gonna share all this in your Motivate… what… blog?”
My quick respond was: “Keep updated. See ya.”
Being fat is not the biggest crime in the world. Being fat and still fat is not the end of the world. Being fat, still fat and going to be a little fat for your entire life is not a world-size problem. Alan Loy McGinnis suggests, which I’m totally agreed, he writes “The trick is either to change our bodies or to accept them as they are. To fail to do anything to change them and at the same time castigate our looks diminishes our confidence.”

If you are overweight, for example, you have 2 options. Option number one is to get on a diet program and exercise frequently. Control your food intakes, be careful in selecting your choice of meals, go exercise 5 times per day… bla bla bla… which all these information you can get from magazines, books or internet (the only problem is when to start). The other option is (as for now) to accept you the way you are. You’re going to be a little fat, no problem, and still carry on with your life and enjoy them.

As for me, I prefer that you choose the first option but if you like to settle on the second option, let it be so. It’s your body after all, right? But NEVER, NEVEREVER try to settle on the ‘forbidden’ option, that is – to do nothing about it! To change your bodies or to accept them as they are. These are only options that can build up your confident. There is more hope for those who are fat, still fat and remain fat but have accept themselves as they are then to those how choose not to do anything about it.

Question: Is fat is lovable?
Well, when you THINK BIG and START SMALL by choosing one of the options.
You’ll GO DEEP on making yourself loveable.
The answer is: Yes, fat is loveable.  
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