Thursday, February 2, 2012

Only God Can

A banker said to a Christian, “Do you mean to say that, without my paying a cent or making any recompense, I can expect God to have mercy on me? Do you say I can be saved merely by trusting Jesus Christ? How absurd! If I am to be saved, I must accomplish it by my own efforts.”

Well,” the Christian said, “suppose someone should come to you in great need and want to borrow some money. Who would have the right to make the terms and conditions on which the money would be loaned, you or the borrower?”
 “Why, I would, of course. He would meet my conditions before he could get the money,” said the banker.“
"Exactly, and this is your position. You are the poor, lost sinner and God is the banker. So who has the right to make the terms and conditions on which you can come to Him – you or Him?

The answer is obvious: it’s up to God to make His own terms and conditions. Many did not agree that because they want to accomplish salvation by their own efforts; accumulate good deeds, pray chanting prayers, practice traditions and religious ceremonies etc. But we must realize that we are the poor and the lost sinner and acknowledge that God is the banker. The only term is to received the gift of God that is, eternal life in Christ Jesus. The only condition is to believe that Christ died (but on the third day He rose again from the dead... He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!) on behalf of our sins and had saved us from the wrath of God through faith in Him.

God, only God can take a life, sinful and without joy,
wash it in the blood of Christ,
put His Spirit in it,
and make a blessing to humanity.
That’s salvation!

How Do I Get to Heaven?:Traveling the Romans Road by Pamela L. McQuade
Seven key verses in the Bible’s book of Romans – together known as ‘the Romans Road’ – clearly lay out the way to eternal life. If you’ve ever wondered about sin (humanity’s problem) and salvation (God’s solution), this little book will answer your questions in a concise, easy-to-read study of Bible truth (I recommend you to read it alongside the Book of Romans as your primary source of truth). Request and read this small but valuable book and see how, by the love and grace of God, you can receive your own ticket to heaven. You’ll be amazed at this incredible gift of God! But let you motive of studying this book is not so much about getting your ticket to heaven, which is surely be given to those who believe, but let it be a personal journey for you to an intimate relationship with God.

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