Sunday, March 25, 2012

Conquer by Continuing

Energy and persistence conquer all things.” (Benjamin Franklin)

The English writer Samuel Crowther once wrote an article in which he examined the traits of many successful people.
The only common trait that can be discovered among them,” he wrote, “has to do with the capacity for sustained work in an emergency. Someone has said that chief difference between a big man and a little man is that the little man quits when he is tired and sleepy, while that is the very time the big man presses on harder than ever.”
Along the same lines, another author wrote, “The longer I live the more deeply I am convinced that the difference between one person and another, between the weak and the powerful, the great and the significant, is energy – invincible determination. This quality will do anything that has to be done in the world; and no talents, no circumstances, no opportunities, will make one a successful person without it.”*

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up, quit too soon (second to this, in my opinion is laziness!). But blessed are those who start from scratch and keep on scratching, who stick to his/her job until it is through, and who always try one more time. The big person presses on harder than ever, don’t give up! They always have the invincible determination; the energy to persevere… just don’t give up! – try, one more time…


*The Speaker's Quote Book: Over 5,000 Illustrations and Quotations for All Occasions by Roy B. Zuck. Published by Kregel Academic, 2009
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