Sunday, April 29, 2012

Christ Alone

Christ alone” is our goal in life. It should be the language of our tongue, a shining badge on the t-shirt of our life, a banner for our vocations and a daily inward motivation expressed in our outward zeal for the Lord. As the sun is to a flower, so is Jesus Christ to you and me. Reflecting on this in many pages of the Scriptures, one human attempt outside the Bible best summaries how my (our) faith should evolve from ‘Just-Me’ to ‘Christ-Alone’;

Christ Alone

by Unknown

The world, I thought, belonged to me,
Goods, gold, and people, land, and sea.
Where’er I walked beneath God’s sky,
In those old days, my word was “I.”
Years passed: there flashed my pathway near,
The fragment of a vision dear;
My former word no more sufficed,
And what I said was “I and Christ.”
But, O, the more I looked on Him,
His glory grew, while mine grew dim;
I shrank so small, He towered so high,
All I dare say was, “Christ and I.”
Years more the vision held its place
And looked me steadily in the face;
I speak now in a humbler tone,
And what I say is “Christ Alone!”

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