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A Letter to Students

Urgent: Read and Study God’s Word

Today, the newspaper and television channels are full of political, moral, social and community crises. The stories about governments, communities, families and individuals range from good to bad and every shade in between. Officials, politicians, activist groups, newspaper columnists, and commentators all give their latest assessments, open-minded opinions, and hip philosophies.
We are inundated with news and information. Have you noticed it?
We are flooded with much insignificant news and little on those matters. Have you noticed it?

As a staffworker, nothing is more obvious than the reading and studying (or the lack of it) of the Bible. It is generally poor among today’s young generations of Christians. For many, the newspaper is our morning devotions, television and the internet are our evening mass, and the Bible is nothing but an ordinary book. It seems like God’s Word is insignificant and irrelevant for daily living. God’s Word has become secondary to public worship. God’s Word has become a book that only informs rather than transforms us. Have you noticed it?

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Above are my challenges to bring God’s Word back to campuses. It may seem like a pessimistic observation.  But I think it is necessary because without such an attitude there may not be a sense of urgency to bring back God’s Word to our students. I believe that we should urgently call our students ‘to be WORDessential Christians’ because God’s Word will give us new life, much pleasure and joy more than the other words (newspaper, television, the Internet, etc.).

Jesus exemplifies the love of God’s Word in every area of his life. He uses Scripture to answer those who test him, resist temptation, find guidance, encourage his own heart, comfort others, explain his actions and ultimately to face death. How much more we ought to read and study God’s word!

This is what I’m trying to bring to our students today: to personally read God’s Word, obey it, apply it and then to teach others. In the midst of many distractions and temptations out there, students need to encounter God in His Word. We study God’s Word for God is still speaking and guiding us personally and intimately through the Word. Then, only then, can we engage our society and make the difference in our community and be more Christ-like.  

Have you noticed it? I hope and pray that you do.

*This writing is published in Nadi FES: d'pulse of the Journey, May 2012. For more information on the FES Malaysia Student Ministry, click on the web address:

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