Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fasting from the Telephone

"I stay away from the telephone if at all possible" (Lee Trevino).

Telephone is indeed, no doubt a wonderful instrument of human invention. It was created for the purpose to enhance communications – thanks to Sir Alexander Graham Bell (and Elisha Gray?) for his 1st breakthrough invention & other inventors who help improve telephone communication for the world to harvest its positive benefits (oh, I remember suddenly my primary school science class. It was ‘epic’! I’m lovin’ it!). But as we all know: with great good inventions also come great evil if it is misused from its original purpose.

Telephone. It is helpful but sometime it controls many people. Some people will stop praying in order to answer the telephone. Yes, telephone controls people. Telephones have become our god. I saw it many times during meetings, witnesses it dozens of time while in the midst of meaningful conversations, and experienced it almost every time in cinemas (yesterday night was my recent reference). At first it was to enhance communication, but now it is to ‘disturb’ or ‘retard’ our communication; to increase headache rather than to be helpful; to be controlled by it rather than to control it; to be our master rather than to be our slave.
This is wrong, lets us reverse these curse sides of technology.

May I suggest? Okay, thank you for your open-mindedness (if you’re not, close this blog webpage – bye bye); hey, you don’t need to answer telephone every time it rings! We are to be rulers over all things, not to be ruled by things. We are not its slave (includes all our gadgets etc.), but its master. When people come to visit us, we shall not disrespect them by interrupting our conversation to answer the telephone. We shall not annoy other during meetings in the middle of discussions by excuse ourselves to answer the telephone. While during eating with your love ones or when in a deep one-on-one conversation or during sermon or while watching movie in cinema (or in your quiet time with the Lord or while meditate on the Word of God) – if possible, do not answer the phone. Show to them that they are more important than any phone call. People are more, much more important than any petty, not very urgent, less important phone call. Telephone is good… but it is a great evil if you let it lordship over your life.

THINK BIG. We are not Telephone’s slave, we are its Master.
START SMALL. You don’t need to answer telephone every time it rings!
GO DEEP. Put people first over phone call. Hey, if the call is really urgent or if they genuinely need us – they will call us back or at least leave us a message.
NOW take time to fast from telephone… it is good for your soul.

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