Saturday, November 24, 2012

Enjoy Your Work

The main satisfactions of life come through
hard work which one enjoys
” (George W. Eliot).

I love my work now. Not because it’s easy or there’s no challenges and problems or everybody likes me – far from it, but because I believe that this is what God had appointed me to do (as for now) and I enjoy doing it. I also love my previous job, namely, in customer service area because I love meeting with people and it provide a platform for me to improve my communication skills. What joyful discoveries and learned experiences I gained during that time! I love all my jobs.

For most people, there’s a big difference between work (job) and play. Work is something you have to do or drag yourself to do; play is something you choose to do voluntarily because you love it. “I believe,” writes Ken Blanchard, “the greatest job is when you can’t tell the difference, and the best leaders are those who absolutely love what they’re doing.”

YB Baru Bian, for example, is a good leader because he believes and enjoy in what he’s doing. He became YB, a people’s representative not so that everyone will like him or foolishly assume that this job will go smooth without any opposition, but simply because he loves the Lord and His people (This I know personally). I suspect that his personal mission statement mostly have to do with his passion for other’s welfare – to build people and be the voice for them. He plays in his work.

Thomas Carlyle says, “Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness. He has a work, a life-purpose; he has found it and will follow it. Labor is life; from the inmost heart of the worker rises his God-given force, the sacred, celestial life-essence breathed into him by almighty God.”

Work done grudgingly is servitude.
Work done willingly is service.
Work done lovingly is sacrament.
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