Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stop to War on Gaza! Free Gaza!

We have war when at least one of the parties to a conflict wants something more than it wants peace” (Jeane J. Kirkpatrick)

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People oh people! Differentiate between Jews, Israel and Zionist: Jews is a race, Israel is a nation and Zionist is a Jewish movement. In my conviction, Jews is a race chosen by God of the Bible as His own people – therefore, I stand for them. Israel as a nation today had me in confusion: Is the Israel today the same as the ancient Israel in the Bible? I’m not sure – Therefore, I reluctant to stand for this nation (help me). On the other hand, Zionist is a Jewish movement that have their own selfish agendas. And to achieve that they use violent in the form of military to get what they wants – therefore, I fully disagree with what they are doing to Palestinians today! I stand up for Gaza, not because Gaza is innocent, but because Israel Zionist movement is using violent (which is obviously not authorized by God) to displayed their human pride and power. Stop war at Gaza! Free Gaza!

My advices for those who are concern about the War on Gaza (especially for Malaysians) are these:

1)    Do not blame ALL the Jews or says bad things about them just because a ‘movement’ or two within the nation of Israel are doing bad things. Write or say specifically, for example, “Zionist! We hate you!” is more appropriate and wise,

2)    Don’t just listen to Medias on national TVs (boldly to say, Malaysia’s Medias are obviously bias). Try to listen also to what other TV broadcasts around the world is saying – just to get a better picture of what’s happening,

3)    Not all Christians are violent and not all Muslims are terrorists – stop the attack against religious.

4)    If we fight back violent for violent, we’re not much different from the one who started it in the first place; be calm and prayerful, AND

5)    Let’s together join hand-in-hand with one another as fellow human being say: “STOP TO WAR ON GAZA! FREE GAZA!

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