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Reading Christians are growing Christians

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Reading Christians are growing Christians.
When Christians cease to read, they cease to grow” (John Wesley)

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” (Joseph Addison)

There are reasons why I offer at least 3 books per month in my blog Word Speaks Today. You, who requested for the book may think that I do it ‘sincerely’, but let me tell you the truth – I have ‘hidden’ agendas behind it. 3 main reasons to be exact; 1) So that you can gain godly wisdoms, get inspired and be motivated to live a Christian life through Christian’s literatures, 2) to make you think, stirs and exercises and polishes the edge of your God-given mind, and 3) to cultivate your passionate-love for reading. These are my goals. These are my ‘hidden’ agendas. These are the reasons I ‘sincerely’ giving you books for free. Feel trapped? Yeah, you should.

Reading is essential for Christians to grow mentally and spiritually. In fact, I venture to say that reading is the only way God can effectively speaking to us on daily basis (Have you ever wonder why God give us The Book, The Bible as the only mean to know Jesus Christ authentically for salvation? Think about it). On reading, Apostle Paul’s counsel to young Timothy to “focus on reading the Scripture” (1 Timothy 4:13NLT), which in context referred to the public reading of the Old Testament. J. Oswald Sanders in his classic book Spiritual Leadership comments on 2 Timothy 4:13: “Paul’s advice is appropriate for other areas of reading as well. Paul’s books – the one he wanted Timothy to bring along – were probably words of Jewish history, explanations of the law and prophets, and perhaps some of the heathen poets Paul quoted in his sermons and lectures. A student to the end, Paul wanted to spend time in study” If Paul who wrote half of the New Testament, who intellectual were higher than most people, who spiritually faithful still continues his study by reading books – do you think reading is not important for Christians?

Read to “fill the wells of inspiration” (Harold Ockenga), read for spiritual benefit, read for intellectual growth, read to cultivate speaking and writing style, read to acquire new information and knowledge, read to keep current with the time, read to polishes the edge of your God-given mind. Read for pleasure! Read to grow! Read for life!

Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify,
to multiply the ways in which he exists,
to make his life full, significant and interesting” (Adous Huxley).
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