Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dear Alice, Aja-aja Fighting!

Dear Alice,

How are you? That is a formal question that everyone seems to be asking around whenever they meet one another. How are you? is not necessary replied by details – but simply, ‘okay’. I’m not asking that kind of how are you? but How are you? Really, how are you?

But my question is quite stupid, right? I know you’re not alright but still asking the obvious… How are you? Maybe that’s what a lover ask when he know that his love one is not alright. I become worry; I then become stupid; stupidly in love with you.
Alice, in these few days I been wondering, why you always went to hospital for medical checkup. I asked, but you said it is not the right time for me to know about it. So I try to find out for myself. I make a call to hospital and asked favor from my friend-doctor about you. I know he shouldn’t tell me about this but I said to him that you’re my love one. You know, I make a promise with the doctor that I won’t tell anyone about this but I break a promise with you that I have to do this without your acknowledgment and permission. I have to do it… I’m worry and stupid, remember?

Alice, now that I know about it. I know what and why is happening now. Alice – don’t quit! You’re a strong woman. The Lord is with you. Remember what I said, “aja-aja fighting!” Alice, there is hope. There is hope today. There is hope tomorrow.

There’s hope for tomorrow
Even when things look dim;
There’s hope for tomorrow
When you put your trust in Him.

Though darkness may surround you
He’s always there
With arms that will hold you
In His loving care.

Just when you thought
You had lost everything,
He’s right there beside you
With comfort to bring.

And you’ll know the assurance
He will never depart,
For He’s dwelling inside you
Right there in your heart.

Don’t quit. There is hope. God is with you.

Richard Angelus

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