Wednesday, April 10, 2013

God is a Relational Creator and Man is a Relational Creature

We know that God created us in His own image. As image-bearers of the triune God, we no doubt, all of us, long for relationships – for experiences that touch our hearts and for understandings that gladden our minds. Do you know why you desire to eat Double Beef McPepper when you see McDonald advertisements in television? It’s because you’re hungry. Do you know why you’re hungry? It’s because you need foods for energy.

Now… do you know why we need to be in significant relationships? It is because God, the One who created us in His own image is in fact exists as a trinity – three persons, one God. God in nature is a relational Being. There is an eternal relationship between the Godhead: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit love one another. That’s why we Christians dare to call “God is love”. God, therefore, as He created us in His image, created us for relationship with Himself and others. You and I then are relational creatures.

"..we will share a meal together as friends"
Read these familiar verses slowly. Jesus said, “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends” (Revelations 3:20NLT). God attitude is like this; He want to have a relationship with us, and He know that what we really need in this life is to be in a relationship with Him. But, I was thinking, how He’s going to do this? The Scripture said He stands and knocks – not kick and shout! Jesus doesn’t force Himself into people’s lives. His way is not through force and sword; His way is through conscious recognition (“hear my voice”) and conscious action of the will by God’s Spirit enabling (“open the door”). This is the way of true relationship. This is how we are to have relationship with God and others.

Jesus continues knocking is a wonderful picture of His desire to be in relationship with us, to “come in” and “share a meal together” with us as friends. Donald C. Posterski writes, “Having a special meal with friends is an invitation to intimacy. A quiet, unhurried evening with candlelight invites significant conversation. Eating and drinking, talking casually or confidentially, listening intently and laughing spontaneously all feed into deepening care for those around the table. Eating together is one of the most relational things we do”. As an Asian man that I am, indeed, “share a meal together” is the most effective ways to create and cultivate intimacy, fellowship and friendship. In a more compact sentence – “share a meal togethersignifies and intensifies relationship.

Christianity is not (just) a religious, it is a relationship. We can never really understand what true relationship is if we never encountered this God who is a relational Being Himself. He is the Creator of very creatures. And because He exists as a trinity (three persons, one God), every creatures especially mankind have desire for a relationship and therefore, a unique ability to respond to His love by choosing to enter into relationship with both God and one another. We must first have a true relationship with God before we can ever enjoy true relationship with others.

Friends, Jesus is still standing at the door of your heart and still continues to knock it. Do you hear it? And if your heard it, would you open it? Remember, responding to Jesus is a relational encounter. Once you experience and understand Him, your life will never be the same. I don’t mean it would be easy and painless… but it will be satisfying, joyful and meaningful. Jesus is Lord and Savior, would you open the door for that reality? Do you want to have a relationship with Jesus? Listen to His voice and open the door. Amen.

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