Monday, May 13, 2013

University Student and Experience Criticism

This is guarantee; sealed with my own experiences that: you will definitely experience criticism as a college or university student. It will come your way in the form of grades on your exams, bitter comments on your assignments, lecturers’ or classmates’ critiques of your answers you give during class discussion, and during your final project presentation.

Friends, such criticism is designed to help you become a more effective thinker and communicator. It supposes to make you think deeply and think thoroughly of what you had done – and thus, motivate you to do better next time. It also helps you to become a good communicator. It was during my critical time of preparing my final project presentation that I first stretched myself to speak in front of lecturers. I was somewhat stammered and most of the time hard to express my thoughts but thanks to their constructive criticisms, I now gain more confident to communicate in front of others.

Friends, when I was in university, I didn’t see criticism in this way. I thought that all these criticism as troublesome (but no doubt, sometime it is). Criticism is generally good but if you internalize it and feel it as personal attack, criticism can crash your motivation. Although it is important for you to experience all the constructive criticism offered for your improvement, it is also important that you keep that criticism in its place. A lower grade on an exam, for example, is not a sign that you are stupid person who will not succeed in university, but a signal that you need to rethink your approach to exam preparation for that class. Think and see it this way; criticism is designed to help you become a more effective thinker and communicator – but don’t interpret it as personal attack every time it comes your way.

John A. Beck writes, “The real danger is not being criticized but in ignoring its value”. Friends, let the criticism you experience in college or university come in, but not in so far that it crashes your motivation.

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