Monday, May 20, 2013

University Student, Don’t Stay Away from Christian Fellowship...

University student, don’t stay away from Christian Fellowship…

Because you are poor. There is no admission charge.
Because you are rich. We can help you cure that… really.
Because it rains. You go to class in the rain.
Because it is hot. So is the football or basketball field (and shopping malls too).
Because it is cold. It’s warm and friendly inside.
Because no one invited you. People go to the movies without being asked.
Because you have many problem. What if we tell you that we also have it – but here we share it with one another and pray it to God?
Because you don’t like the leaders. They’re human like you too.
Because your assignments makes you busy. Skip playing online games, Facebooking and gossiping, surely you’ll have more time.
Because you have project group discussion. Bring them along (if they are Christians), the non-Christians friends will admire your faith and priority… if you explained to them nicely and respectfully.
Because your clothes are not expensive and trendy. Christian fellowship isn’t supposed to be a fashion show.
Because Christian Fellowship standard seems like too high. If you think it is high, take a look at the Bible’s standard!
Because “Christians” always wants to do money collection. So does your grocer and telephone bill.
Because you don’t like some “hypocrites” in the Christian fellowship. If you let them stand between you and God – you’re on the losing side. It just mean that they are fairly closer to God (if you don’t understand this statement, leave your comment below ya).
Because you go to church every weekend after all. True, but here is a very rare gathering where everyone’s church denomination is overlooked because we are One in Christ; where the Bible is the main standard for teaching, evangelism and to know what is right and wrong; where students themselves own their fellowship – students serve students.


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