Sunday, July 21, 2013

Control Your Use of Time

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom
(Psalms 90:12,

Time is a gift we all have, and it is easy to misuse or waste it. If we do not bother to control our use of time, we will end up spending it on trivialities. Then we wonder why the important things never get done!

Think about how you spend your day. Do you spend more time surfing the internet than in prayer? Do you read more Facebook posts than reading the Bible? Are you wasting other’s people time as well as your own by chattering about… nothing? For some reason, many of us feel it is “unspiritual” to make a programme for our day to day living, but this is really the only way to control our use of time. Allow yourself enough time for Bible study & reading, prayer, healthy exercise, sleep, fellowship with other Christians, hang out with friends (I normally do dinner and watch movie together) and relaxation that will build you up for the next day’s work.

Check that you are giving enough time to the things that should have the top priority. Some Christians I know spent their time trying to give at least 2 hours of the 24 hours to prayer and Bible study. But this will not be possible for many of us (including me), but we should make sure that we allow as much time possible for the most important thing in our lives – fellowship with God.


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