Monday, July 22, 2013

Control Your Will

Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take
(Proverbs 3:6,

It may seem obvious that you need to control your will, but sometimes it is easier to go along with the crowd than to make your own decisions. In your gang or groups of friends, who make the decisions? Do you find yourself going along with things that you are unsure about? Do you find yourself ‘go with the flow’ without really thought it through?

If you find that you are being influenced more than you are influencing others, or that you are finding it impossible to stick up for Christian standards and behavior, then the answer is simple, if unpleasant – you must change your friends. This is one of many examples. God holds you responsible for what you do and the example you give to others, and simply drifting with the tide is not good enough. Make sure that you are the one who controls what you do or say, and then God can work through your life to influence others.

This is a mystery: submit your will to God and you’ll find that you have your freedom to control your will. That’s the paradox of truth in the Bible. God’s will for you each day is to obey Him, serve others, read and study His Word, pray and to what is right. As you submit to His Will and stay close enough to God, you can recognize His leading in your life. Then it will be easier to control your will, to make the right decisions and to influence others. Friends, control your will by first submit it to God.


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  1. at first i thought that I don't have any will.what i know is that we do exist because of God's will and by discovering His will(s) we will find our will(s).even now i can't really figure out what my will actually. but as day pass by, i just trust (have faith) in Him and His will on me. i've been in this situation since back then. thanks for the sharing.


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