Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Finding the Real Jesus": FREE BOOK for Curious Christians and Skeptical Seekers

The first to speak in court sound right, until the cross-examination begins” (Proverbs 18:17, NLT)

Finding the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel is so persuasive that by the time I finished reading it I felt like I want to climb up the top of KLCC building; stand and shout: Jesus is alive! Jesus is alive! (Richard Angelus, Blogger)

For centuries, the Christian church has taught that Jesus is the divine Son of God, crucified for sinners and raised from the dead.

In recent years, however, that picture of Jesus has come under widely publicized attack from many sources. The new portraits of Jesus seem persuasive. You can’t help but wonder…

Did Christianity merely copy its belief from earlier mythology?
Did the church suppress alternate gospels?
Is Jesus a purveyor of secret wisdom or redeemer of the world?
Was Jesus unsuccessful in fulfilling the ancient prophesies?
Did Jesus never die on the cross or rise from the dead?
Are stories of His resurrection fabricated?
Is the New Testament hopelessly riddled with errors?

Who was Jesus – really?

This month of September 2013, I would like to offer my readers (ONLY) 3 BOOKS entitled “Finding the Real Jesus: A Guide for Curious Christians and Skeptical Seekers”. In this book a former atheist, a journalist and a bestselling author Lee Strobel will helps his curious and skeptical readers separate truth from media hype, sound scholarship from bias, and fact from speculation. Digging below the surface, readers will find credible, informed answers to today’s most pressing questions about Jesus.  

You are welcome to get a copy of this book for yourself by simply do these 2 things:

1)    First, comment below “Rich, give me one copy (Your name). I hope that through this book I can… [Not less than 10 words]”

2)    Then, E-mail me at or send message to my Facebook account your real name, phone no. and your postal address. Thank you.

Enjoy reading!
Happy Discovering and investigating!
May the book will lead you to responding!
That you may find the Real Jesus of the Bible – and start believing. Amen.
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Successful People Read

Bring the winter coat I left in Troas with Carpus;
also the books and parchment notebooks

(Paul the Apostle wrote from prison, 2 Timothy 4:13
, The Message)

Can you imagine, Paul has been to heaven and back.
 He wrote most of the New Testament.
 He has seen the Lord, and yet he wants books

(Charles H. Spurgeon wrote about Paul the Apostle)

Some years ago, George and Alec Gallup set out to discover what makes some people more successful than others. Using the polling techniques that have made them famous, the brothers researched and wrote a book titled, The Great American Success Story.

One of their findings: Successful people read.
[The brothers here are referring to success in general term – by world’s definition. Here I would like to include that it is true also that successful Christians read. I believe that every matured Christians are readers (but readers are not necessary matured Christians). Therefore, in my definition, I called them ‘successful’]

George Gallup said he discovered that reading was essential because it “makes a person read to converse. It seems to be a key to feeling confident. These people have a broad knowledge and feel they can shift over to another field or chain of thought… I think reading would be a very big boost to self-esteem because then you have more information with which to make evaluations and decisions.”

Read, read, read! Use the Bible as home base, but vary your diet. I usually have several books going at once, tucked around here and there for easy access.” (Ruth Bell Graham); “We are what we read” (Anonymous); “Leaders are readers and readers are leaders” (Charles ‘Tremendous’ Jones).

God loves readers
He like people to read
This I personally believe
For He speaks mostly by His written words
For the Book – the Bible, is the proof He gives
Yes, successful people read
And also, behold! Successful Christians read
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adakah Syaitan Benar-Benar Wujud?

Berjaga-jagalah dan berwaspadalah, kerana Iblis,
musuh kamu merayau-rayau seperti singa
yang mengaum sambil mencari mangsa
.” (1 Petrus 5:8,

Adakah Syaitan benar-benar wujud? Ya, Syaitan itu ada dan benar-benar wujud. Dia mempunyai banyak gelaran berdasarkan sifat-sifatnya dan perkara yang dia lakukan. Rasul Yohanes, contohnya, menulis, “Naga besar itu dibuang dari syurga. Itulah ular tua yang bernama Iblis atau Syaitan, yang menipu seluruh dunia” (Wayhu 12:9, BM). Bahasa asal kitab Perjanjian Baru iaitu bahasa Yunani yang digunakan untuk syaitan ialah ‘diabolos’, yang bermaksud, ‘penghujat’ atau ‘penuduh’, kerana dia seringkali menuduh orang yang percaya di hadapan Allah (Wahyu 12:10). Syaitan juga dipanggil “Beelzebul, ketua roh jahat” (Matius 12:24) dan “penguasa dunia” (Yohanes 12:31). Bahasa Yunani yang digunakan untuk malaikat-malaikat yang dibuang bersama syaitan atau roh-roh jahat pula ialah ‘daimon’ (Bahasa Ingeris, demon).

Syaitan juga dipanggil sebagai ‘Lucifer’ yang bermaksud ‘Bintang Timur’ kerana di dalam kitab Yesaya mengatakan ini tentang dia: “Wah, engkau sudah jatuh dari langit [syurga], hai Bintang Timur, putera fajar” (Yesaya 14:12, TB. Lihat juga terjemahan Kitab Bahasa Ingeris yang lain). Walaupun mengikut kontek kitab Yesaya ayat 12 hingga 15 merujuk kepada kejatuhan raja Babilonia, ramai orang percaya (termasuk saya juga) bahawa ayat-ayat di dalam Yesaya bab 14 secara tidak langsung juga merujuk kepada kejatuhan ‘Lucifer’ – tentang bagaimana dia suatu ketika dahulu ialah malaikat yang mulia dan perkasa telah menjadi sombong kerana dia mahu menjadi seperti Allah (Lihat juga Yehezkiel 28:13-17). Oleh itu, dia dibuang dari syurga dan sekarang dipanggil sebagai syaitan atau iblis.

Kewujudan syaitan tidak boleh disangkal. Dia memang ada. Dia sekarang “merayau-rayau seperti singa yang mengaum sambil mencari mangsa”. Dia sekarang terus-menerus menipu dan menuduh manusia. Dia ialah penyebab utama berlakunya banyak kematian, kemusnahan dan kesengsaraan. Lihat sahaja berita di dalam surat khabar atau di televisyen – peperangan, jenayah, pepecahan, perkauman, kejatuhan moral, pembuangan bayi, penyakit, dan sebagainya sebahagian besar (tidak semua) adalah disebabkan olehnya dan roh-roh jahat di dunia ini.

Ini hanya lukisan gambaran semata-mata, okay!?
Namun begitu, ini semua bukanlah sesuatu yang harus membuat kita lemah dan kecewa. Kita masih ada harapan! Di dalam Kristus, kita ada harapan!

Apabila kita membaca kitab injil tentang Yesus Kristus, Anak Allah di dunia, kita mendapati bahawa Yesus seringkali mengusir roh-roh jahat yang menyebabkan pelbagai sakit penyakit dan kesengsaraan kepada orang disekeliling-Nya (contohnya, Markus 1:23-27; 32-34). Ini ialah satu berita baik yang sangat mendorong kita! Walaupun Yesus tidak lagi bersama kita secara fisikal, Dia ada bersama kita secara rohani melalui pemberian Roh-Nya, iaitu Roh Allah. Berita baik ini sangat relaven kepada kita pada masa sekarang kerana; jika Yesus Kristus Anak Allah mempunyai kuasa atau autoriti keatas syaitan dan roh-roh jahat pada masa Dia di dunia ini, maka kita yang percaya [terus-menerus] kepada-Nya, juga memiliki autoriti itu sekarang apabila Roh-Nya, Roh Allah ada bersama kita.

Buat masa sekarang, syaitan masih lagi memiliki kuasa jahat. Jangan sesekali cuba untuk melawannya dengan menggunakan kekuatan kita sendiri – kita akan kalah. Tetapi jika kita melawannya dengan kuasa Allah – syaitan pasti akan kalah, takut dan lari – kerana dengan nama Yesus, kita ada autoriti keatas syaitan atau iblis dan segala roh-roh jahat yang lain. “Lawanlah Iblis, maka Iblis akan lari daripada kamu” (Yakobus 4:7, BM). Ini Berita Baik: Yesus ada bersama kita. Jangan takut. Sembah, taat dan pujilah Allah yang termulia! Amen.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"God Washed Her Brain"

You must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today… Tie them to your hands and wear them on your forehead as reminders. Write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates” (Deuteronomy 6:6-9, NLT)

In his book How To Be Born Again, Billy Graham tells of a missionary who was imprisoned by the Japanese in China. At this concentration camp the penalty for owning even a portion of the Scriptures was death; however, a small Gospel of John was smuggled to her in a winter coat. At night when she went to bed she pulled the covers over her head and, with her flashlight in hand, read a verse and then put herself to sleep memorized the entire Gospel of John.

When she went to wash her hands she would take one page at a time, dissolve it with the soap and water, and flush it down the drain. “And that is the way,” she said, “that ‘John’ and I parted company.”

This little missionary was interviewed by a Time reporter just before the prisoners were released and he happened to be standing at the gates when the prisoners came out. Most of them shuffled along, eyes on the ground, little more than automatons. Then out came the little missionary, bright as a button. One of the reporters was heard to ask, “I wonder if they managed to brainwash her?
The Time reporter overheard the remark and answered, “God washed her brain.”

Billy Graham wrote: “Like Joseph storing up grain during the years of plenty to be used during the years of famine that lay ahead, may we store up the truths of God’s Word in our hearts as much as possible, so that we are prepared for whatever suffering we are called upon to endure.

Do you memories the Scriptures in your head as well as in your heart daily?
Do you obediently let God “brainwash” you with His Word and His Spirit?
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sometimes Interruptions are the Ministry... Just Look at How Jesus Handled It

If you’re always available, you’re never available” (Ed Young)

"She came up behind him and
touched the fringe of his garment..." (Luke 8)
I heard from a minister one day, he observed that sometimes “interruptions are the ministry.” In the book, Before Burnout, the authors point out that Mark’s Gospel provides many examples of Jesus handling interruptions well. After he healed a man with an unclean spirit (Mark 1:21-26), Jesus was suddenly interrupted by an entire city who demanded His attention (1:33). He was then interrupted in the midst of His teaching by four men carrying a paralyzed man (2:1-5)… Later Jesus was pursued and interrupted by a large multitude (3:7-9). At one point, after being interrupted by Jairus, Jesus was almost immediately interrupted again by a woman with a long-term illness. The Savior compassionately handled all of those interruptions well.

A study of the way Jesus handled these kind of interruption can teach us several things:

1.     Christ always responded graciously. He never conveyed the attitude that people did not have a right to interrupt Him.
2.     He made people a priority. For the most part, those who interrupted Him were not prominent individuals, yet Christ treated them as important.
3.     Although frequently interrupted, Christ did not allow those interruptions to deflect Him from His ultimate purpose. For example, after dealing with the woman with the issue of blood, Jesus immediately went on to raise Jairus’ daughter.
4.     On occasion, the Savior actually initiated an interruption Himself. He interrupted His teaching of the multitude to call Levi the tax collector to follow Him.
5.     Fifth, when important priorities made it necessary, Christ isolated Himself from interruptions.

Learn to handle interruptions in a Christ-like fashion,” says the authors, “will take us a significant distance down the road of handling life’s circumstances.”

a)       Frank Minirth, Don Hawkins, Paul Meier, Chris Thurman, Before Burnout
(Chicago: Moody Press, 1990), 151-152.
b)       Robert J. Morgan, Preacher’s Sourcebook of Creative Sermon Illustrations (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2007), 474-475.
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Trinity of God

God is light, and there is no darkness in him at all” (1 John 5:1, NLT)

In his book, The Chemistry of the Blood, M.R. DeHaan, founder of the Radio Bible Class, notes that in saying “God is light,” the biblical authors are telling us something about the Trinity. A scientific analysis of sunlight reveals that it consists of three kinds of rays:

1.      Chemical rays or actinic. These rays are invisible and can neither be seen or felt.
2.      Light rays. These rays can be seen but never felt.
3.      Heat rays. These rays are felt but never seen.

DeHaan writes, “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. We know the Godhead consists of Three Persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Father corresponds to the chemical rays of sunlight; No man hath seen God at any time. The Son, who is the light of the world, corresponds to the light rays, the One whom we can see but not feel. The Holy Spirit corresponds to the heat rays, since He is felt in the lives of believers but never seen.

Timeless, spaceless, single, lonely,
Yet sublimely Three,
Thou art grandly, always, only
God in Unity!
Lone in grandeur, lone in glory,
Who shall tell Thy wondrous story,
Awful Trinity?
(Frederick W. Faber)

The Trinity of God is a mystery. It can’t be explained and understand fully. God, if He loses His mystery is not an awesome God. God of the Bible is unique and exclusive. “If you try to understand the Trinity” writes Wilbur Smith, “you will lose your mind. But if you deny the Trinity, you will lose your soul”. Indeed, God is an Awful Trinity! He is the God who reveals Himself freely and yet – full of mystery; “God is light”. Awesome! Praise be to God. Amen.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

God’s Conflict: The Cross and His Love

Nothing in my hand I bring,
Simply to Thy cross I cling.”
(Augustus M. Toplady)

In his book More than a Carpenter, Josh McDowell uses a simple illustration to show what God was doing at the cross of Christ. He wrote:

“An accident that took place several years ago in California illuminates what Jesus did on the cross… A young woman was picked up for speeding. She was ticketed and taken before the judge. The judge read off the citation and said, ‘Guilty or not guilty?’ the woman replied, ‘Guilty.’ The judge brought down the gavel and fined her $100 or ten days. Then an amazing thing took place. The judge stood up, took off his robe, walked down around in front, took out his billfold, and paid the fine. What’s the explanation of this? The judge was her father. He loved his daughter, yet he was a just judge. His daughter had broken the law, and he couldn’t just say to her, ‘Because I love you so much, I forgive you. You may leave.’ If he had done that, he wouldn’t have been a righteous judge… But he loved his daughter so much he was willing to take off his judicial robe and come down in front and represent her as her father and pay the fine.”

We are guilty against God because of our sin. God, the righteous judge must punish us or else He wouldn’t be the just judge. But He loves us so much because He is also the God of love. Therefore, for Him to remain righteous and loving – He issued the verdict and took upon Himself the punishment of sin by sending His Son, Jesus Christ to die for us. In this way, He is forever glorified because of the cross of Christ and we are able to escape the eternal punishment of sin by confessing our guilt and sin, believe in Him, repent from our old sinful lifestyle, and receive His forgiveness that was displayed by Christ dying on the cross. Oh, how wonderful is the cross to me!

The Scripture says,
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him
(John 3:16-17,
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Bukan Sekadar Tukang Kayu

Yesus Kristus ialah Tuhan” (Filipi 2:11, BM)

Lebih kurang 2,000 tahun dahulu, Yesus datang ke dunia. Dia dilahirkan dalam keluarga yang miskin, di sebuah penempatan kecil orang Yahudi, dan tinggal di salah sebuah negara yang paling kecil di dunia. Hampir 33 tahun dia menjadi seorang tukang kayu, pekerjaan yang diturunkan oleh ayah angkatnya sebelum dia memulakan misinya datang ke dunia selama lebih kurang 3 tahun.

Tanya beberapa orang yang kamu kenal, “Siapakah Yesus itu?” dan mereka selalunya akan menjawab bahawa Yesus ialah seorang guru agama yang teragung sekali. Saya setuju, tetapi saya percaya dan yakin dengan iman bahawa dia lebih daripada itu. Dia bukan sekadar tukang kayu!

Yesus Memanggil Diri Dia Siapa?
Kenyataan bahawa Yesus sendiri mengatakan dia Tuhan telah menjadikan idea-idea popular seperti ‘dia hanyalah seorang guru moral yang agung’ atau ‘nabi hebat yang menyampaikan kata-kata bijaksana’ – tidak relevan. Selalunya kesimpulan seperti ini dibuat atau dipercayai oleh orang secara membuta tuli berdasarkan kesimpulan yang dibuat oleh orang lain. Masalahnya ialah: ramai orang bersetuju bahawa Yesus bukan Tuhan tanpa mereka sendiri menyelidikinya.

Apa yang kita percaya tentang diri Yesus adalah sangat penting sekali. Jika kita membaca Alkitab dengan teliti apa yang Yesus katakan tentang dirinya sendiri dan tentang dakwaannya bahawa dia ialah Tuhan, pasti kita tidak akan membuat kesimpulan bahawa Yesus hanya semata-mata seorang guru moral yang agung atau nabi yang hebat. Sebagai contoh...

Yesus mengampuni Dosa – sesuatu yang Hanya Tuhan mampu lakukan
Yesus melihat bahawa mereka sangat beriman. Oleh itu Dia berkata kepada orang lumpuh itu, ‘Anak-Ku, dosamu sudah diampunkan’. Beberapa orang guru Taurat yang duduk di situ berkata dalam hati,... ‘Tidak seorang pun boleh mengampun dosa kecuali Allah!’” (Markus 2:5-7, BM).

Yesus mengatakan bahawa Dia sama dengan Tuhan
’Bapa dan Aku satu’. Kemudian orang Yahudi di situ memungut batu lagi untuk merejam Yesus. Tetapi Yesus berkata kepada mereka, ‘Banyak perbuatan baik sudah Aku lakukan untuk kamu dengan kuasa Bapa-Ku. Perbuatan manakah yang menyebabkan kamu mahu merejam Aku?Orang Yahudi di situ menjawab, ‘Kami mahu merejam kamu bukan kerana perbuatanmu yang baik, tetapi kerana kamu mengkufuri Allah! Kamu hanya manusia, tetapi kamu mahu menjadikan dirimu Allah!” (Yohanes 10:30-33, BM).

Yesus mengatakan bahawa hanya Dia Satu-Satunya Jalan kepada Tuhan
Akulah jalan untuk mengenal Allah dan untuk mendapat hidup. Tidak seorang pun dapat datang kepada Bapa kecuali melalui Aku” (Yohanes 14:6, BM)

Orang biasa tidak mungkin akan menyatakan kenyataan kontroversi seperti ini!

Bagaimana Kita harus Respon tentang Semua Kenyataan Yesus ini?
C.S. Lewis, seorang penulis popular, suatu ketika dahulu pernah percaya bahawa Yesus hanyalah seorang guru moral yang agung. Kemudian, setelah dia menyiasat secara logik tentang kenyataan Yesus diatas, dia mulai percaya dengan iman bahawa Yesus ialah Tuhan.

Dia menulis: “Saya cuba untuk menghalang sesiapa daripada mengatakan sesuatu yang tidak masuk akal tentang Yesus: ‘Saya sedia untuk menerima Yesus sebagai seorang guru moral yang agung, tetapi tidak akan menerima kenyataannya bahawa Dia ialah Tuhan.’ Kenyataan ini ialah sesuatu yang kita tidak harus katakan. Seorang manusia yang hanya manusia biasa yang mengatakan sesuatu kenyataan seperti Yesus tidak mungkin ialah seorang guru moral yang agung. Dia samada seorang yang gila – sama seperti seorang yang mengatakan bahawa dia ialah sebiji telur rebus – atau mungkin dia ialah Iblis dari Neraka. Buatlah pilihan kamu. Samada dia [Yesus] ialah Anak Tuhan: atau dia ialah seorang yang gila atau lebih teruk lagi daripada itu” (dipetik dan diterjemah dari buku C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity)

Kemudian Lewis mengatakan ini tentang Yesus: “Kamu boleh menutup mulutnya sebagai seorang yang bodoh, kamu boleh meludah dia dan membunuh dia sebagai iblis; atau kamu pergi bersujud dihadapan-Nya dan memanggil Dia Tuhan dan Allah. Tetapi janganlah kita membuat kesimpulan yang tidak masuk akal tentang dia sebagai seorang guru manusia yang agung. Dia tidak pernah memberikan pilihan itu kepada kita. Dia tidak berniat untuk berbuat begitu.”

Janganlah kita membuat kesilapan itu. Yesus mengatakan bahawa Dia ialah Tuhan. Dia tidak memberi kita pilihan yang lain. Kenyataan-Nya ialah samada Benar atau Palsu. Ini ialah kenyataan yang kita harus pertimbangkan secara serius.

Menurut Kamu, Siapakah Yesus?
Yesus bertanya kepada pengikut-Nya, “Menurut kamu, siapakah Aku ini?” (Matius 16:15). Ini ialah satu soalan yang kita semua harus jawab sekarang... ATAU apabila kita berdepan dengan Tuhan semasa Zaman Penghakiman kelak: “Semua orang mesti mati satu kali, dan setelah itu dihakimi oleh Allah” (Ibrani 9:27). Bersyukurlah kerana Alkitab mengatakan bahawa setiap orang yang percaya kepada Yesus Kristus, Anak Allah, sebagai Juruselamat mereka daripada dosa tidak akan dihukum. Tetapi “sesiapa yang tidak percaya sudah dihukum kerana dia tidak percaya kepada Anak Allah yang tunggal” (Yohanes 3:18, BM).

Tiga hari selepas Dia disalibkan, Yesus bangkit semula, mengisytiharkan kemenangan-Nya atas hukum dosa – kematian. Dia menyediakan jalan kepada Allah dengan “menjadi orang pertama yang bangkit daripada kematian” (Kisah Rasul-Rasul 26:23, BM)!

Yesus: Kurang siuman,
Penipu atau - Penyelamat?
Sudahkah kamu meletakkan iman kamu kepada Yesus Kristus dan mempercayai-Nya sebagai Juruselamat kamu? Jika belum, berdoalah kepada-Nya dan nyatakan bahawa kamu percaya bahawa Dia ialah Anak Allah, yang Dia telah mati di kayu salib bagi setiap hukum dosa kamu, supaya kamu berkenan dihadapan Tuhan yang suci dan menerima hidup yang kekal bersama-Nya. Nyatakan kepada-Nya bahawa kamu mahu hidup kamu diubah – supaya kamu boleh hidup untuk Dia mengikut rencana-Nya.

Selidikilah siapa diri Yesus Kristus itu sendiri. Dia lebih daripada apa yang kita sangkakan... Dia bukan sekadar tukang kayu!

Kristus dan Roh Kudus bersama kamu. Amen.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How Highly Effective People Breaking Bad Habits

In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey describes the breaking and making of habits to the launch of a spacecraft like Apollo 11. To get to the moon, writes Covey, those astronauts “literally had to break out of the tremendous gravity pull of the earth. More energy was spent in the first few minutes of lift-off, in the first few miles of travel, than was used over the next several days to travel half a million miles

Habits, too, have tremendous gravity pull – more than most people realize or would admit. Breaking deeply imbedded habitual tendencies such as procrastination, impatience, criticalness, or selfishness that violate basic principles of human effectiveness involves more than a little willpower and a few minor changes in our lives. ‘Lift-off’ takes a tremendous effort, but once we break out of the gravity pull, our freedom takes on a whole new dimension

Question: How to do it? Dr. Stan O’Dell, professor of psychology at the University of Mississippi, suggests the following ways or ingredients (like the way he wrote it) in the breaking of bad habits:
  1. Make sure the change is for you, not to please someone else. Resolutions that are made to please a spouse, friend, or parent rarely succeed. 
  2. Make a list of the reasons why you want to change. 
  3. Be firm, but don’t expect too much too soon. Break down your goal into small steps. 
  4. Announce your plan. Make a public commitment to it. 
  5. Make the old habits as unpleasant or inconvenient as possible, while making the new habit easy to achieve. 
  6. Plan strategies for special situations, and have a backup plan ready in case you slip. 
  7. Recruit help from friends. Promising to meet a friend at exercise class makes you less likely to skip class. 
  8. Consult an expert if necessary. Such serious problems as alcoholism, smoking, or drug abuse often require professional help. 
  9. Reward yourself for small successes. 
  10. Hold on for 90 days – the average time it takes to establish a new habit. 
  11. Once you have established the habit, take it a day at a time. Don’t panic if you have an off day; just be sure to get right back in your routine the next day
Above all, trust that God can change you
His Holy Spirit will help you all the way
And may His Word strengthen you
[Read Ephesians 4:17-32]
Give it a try – okay?
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