Sunday, September 1, 2013

Of Course You Can

Author Muriel Anderson says that four of the most important words in her life are “Of course you can”.

I was fortunate,” she wrote, “to have a father who was good at shouting of course you can at just the right moments.”

Once when she was in a high-school her family had moved to a city from a small town. She loved the place and wrote an article about it, wanting more than anything to have the article published in the small-town, weekly paper. She didn’t expect to be successful, though, because the paper was a weekly with a tight budget who bought practically no freelance material.

I don’t think I can get it published,” she said.
Of course you can,” said her dad. And she did – launching her career as a writer.[Story taken from Handbook of Short Story Writing (Cincinnati: Writer’s Digest Books, 1970, Page 1]

I once said to myself,
I can’t write. I can’t update my blog frequently,
I can’t inspired others, I can’t be a good encourager,
I can’t… I can’t….”
And the Lord simply whispers:
Richard, with Me, of course you can
Anything doing for His Glory, for good works – of course we can!
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