Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Name Above Every Name

How to express my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings for God this week? Too great and so abundant that I find it is inexpressible. My words are limited. Therefore I need help. And then I read this beautiful poet today and I want to share with you as my expression of Who God is to me:

The Name Above Every Name
By John H. Sammis

O What is Jehovah El Shaddai to me?
My Lord, God and Savior, Immanuel, He;
My Prophet, Priest, Sacrifice, Altar, and Lamb;
Judge, Advocate, Surety, and Witness, I AM;
My Peace and my Life, my Truth and my Way;
My Leader, My Teacher, my Hope, and my Stay;
Redeemer and Ransom, Atonement, and Friend;
He’s Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End.

Yea more is Jehovah El Shaddai Beside –
Avenger and Shepherd, and Keeper and Guide;
My horn of Salvation, my Captain in war;
My Dayspring, my Sun, and my Bright Morning Star;
My Wonderful Counselor, Wisdom, and Light;
My Shadow by day and my Beacon by night;
Pearl, Ornament, Diadem, Treasures untold;
My Strength and my Sun, in Him I behold.

All this is Jehovah Ropheka and more –
My Bread and my Water, my Dwelling, my Door;
My Branch and Vine, my Lily and Rose;
Rock, Hiding Place, Refuge, Shield, Covert, Repose;
My sure Resurrection, my Glory above;
My King in His beauty, my Bridegroom, my Love;
My All and in all in Christ Jesus I see,
For God hath made Him to be all things to me.
Now say to thy soul, “What is He to thee?”

Jesus is my Lord and Savior
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